Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back in the saddle

Blogger won't let the paragraphs space out, does anyone know why this happens? The last two weeks have been filled with jumping back onto the saddle of my old and doctors. Work. I technically am on maternity leave until August, however I have begun going into school for meetings relating to the upcoming school year. Even though I am excited about going to back to work theoretically, I felt a lot of anxiety towards leaving LMI and being back in the actual workplace. But, once I got in my car and started to drive there, it was like autopilot and it was as if I never left. I know that going on a daily basis with full day hours will be so different, but my first real experience of leaving LMI was successful. My MIL has begun watching LMI for short amounts of time on a weekly basis recently and this has allowed me to have some me time. Until recently, I had only been able to have some time to myself on weekends when A. was home to watch her, so this has been a good transition for both LMI and myself. LMI will be going to a home daycare near our house full time starting in August. The daycare is really sweet and there are only 10 children all 1-2years old. I never would have thought that I would have selected a daycare (I always had a live in nanny) never mind a home care, but after looking at all our options I felt that this was the perfect place for LMI. If I couldn't watch her, then this was the next best thing. We are going transition her over a week, but I will be working part-time for the first month back so I am around if need be. I think I am most anxious about the time constraints. Will it be a long day for LMI? Will she be too tired to spend time with me at the end of the day? Right now she wakes up in the morning between 630-700. I leave for work at 730 so we will have thirty minutes in the morning together before A gives her breakfast and drops her at daycare. We will probably get home at 600 just in time for dinner and then hopefully a good amount of playtime before a bath and bed by 730. I am thinking I will be probably push her bedtime to 800 so we have more time at night, but then I may miss the mornings with her, so we will need to see how that goes. If you have a child in daycare, what is your schedule? Doctors. I have doctor appointments coming out of the wahzoo. I went on a search for a new local RE. I really like my RE, but her practice and I do not get along. I had too much stress there prepping for all my different cycles and who can forget about my BFF ultrasonagrapher who fucked up on more than one occasion causing me to jump on a plane to Denver immediately and the NT scan disaster. So ya, it was time for a change. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find a new RE when you have embryos across the boarder and no plans to move them. Thankfully a new clinic recently opened and it is 2 minutes from my house. They are the loveliest people and were so accommodating to me that I am thrilled that they have agreed to take me on as a satellite patient. I have also reached out to CCRM and had my first phone consult with the doc himself. Right now we are not actively trying nor preventing getting pregnant. But, I have not taken any BC and I am not pregnant. So the plan is to hopefully go out to Denver at the end of July for a quick check of the ole ute and then come home and try on our own until December at which point we will do an FET with my DE embryos. Getting my head in the game for my phone call was difficult. It took me longer than usual to formulate all my questions and I am sure I forgot to ask something. I did ask about a natural FET since I was able to get pregnant on my own and he said that for me that was an "interesting" idea that peeked his interest. I am sure we will revisit this idea when I go out there. He did say that since I was able to carry a pregnancy to term he is not concerned about my lining and as long as it gets to 6.5 he is ok with proceeding. That is a huge relief to me, since I am the "optimistic" 7 gal. Overall he is still the man of few words, but told me that he is welcoming me back with open arms. *** LMI is now ten months! She is changing so fast and everyday it seems like she is learning something new. She has mastered clapping her hands on command and is inconsistent with waving. For whatever reason, the words, give me five or high five, are hilarious to her and she gets a huge smile and laughs. Its really cute. Her hair is getting longer, but it is still sparse and short so if she goes out in gender neutral clothes, she is always called a boy. Ugh. I often put cute headbands on her to distinguish her as a girl. She's crawling all of the house and has been for a while, but she is now climbing the stairs and cruising on the furniture. I bet it won't be long before she is walking! Since I am the world's pickiest eater, I am trying very hard to expose her to a wide variety of foods and recipes and so far it is working. She is a great eater. She doesn't love rough textures (like the breading on a chicken finger), but loves the insides and pretty much anything with cheese. It is always fun to watch her feed herself and see how much actually ends up in her mouth compared to the floor or her bib catcher. I am finding it exhausting trying to come up with new recipes to try so if you have some good ones please send them along! So that's what has been going on with us the last little while. Thanks for reading to the end. ;) -R.