Monday, March 12, 2012

Reflection Time

I needed to take a step back from blogging and reflect. I don't want to be that person, but I fear I may be. We all know the one. I always vowed that if I ever become a parent, I would not stop having a brain of my own. Of course my life would revolve around my family (and it does), but when out in public and here in this space, I would be more than just LMI's mother. My journey to parenthood was difficult, not worse or easier than anyone else, just really difficult. I felt plagued at times that everything that could go wrong during a cycle, would and did. At thirty years old I was told by a highly respected RE and my local RE to pack in the towel and move on. Pregnancy and my genetics were not in the cards. I suffered multiple early miscarriages, lining problems, surrogate crises and of course donor egg failures both with the donor and the cycle - but this is not the pain olympics. We all have had a shit time of it. No one is worse off in the IF world, however I recognize how truly lucky I am that I have crossed over. Not everyone gets their happy ending. I am still amazed by LMI's conception and that she is here. My real take home baby.

I truly hope that if you read this blog (and google reader tells me you do), that I have not offended you or upset you with tales of my sunshine and rainbows. I write for myself - to have a reminder of where I have been and where I am going. I write for LMI - to tell her her story. But I also write for you - I know my ending is not typical, but most likely I have some experience in the area of IF or pg you were, are or may be dealing with and I wrote about it. Knowledge is powerful. Having options makes us feel a little more in control. If something I have learned or experienced can be of help it is my greatest pleasure to pass on the information. I have said many times that you are my family and without the support that I received I honestly don't think I would I have survived.


In other news, this is going on right now. Yup, this is the same agency that we used/are using for GC. And you guessed it, I have funds tied up there. I haven't been able to process this information - I literally have no words.