Monday, December 19, 2011

One Year Ago

... My brother got engaged, my neice was born and LMI was conceived. It is still so unbelevabe how thesebturn if events happened almost simultaneously. When I think back to how depressed and deeply sad I was it amazes how much has changed in a year. I remember her birth as if it were yesterday. It was probably the hardest obstacle I have ever faced. My younger sister gave my parents their first grandchild - a fact that to this day still upsets me. I remember holding it together long enough to see my sister and her brand new baby and then almost instantlt falling apart in the hallway outside her room. It was so so so hard.

BUT I did it. I stepped up for my sister and I feel good about that.

My neice has brought so much joy to my life. She gives the biggest smile when she sees me and is now at the point where her mommyitis is disappearing and she will play with me. I couldnt recognize it at the time, but having our girls so close in age has been a blessing. I'm still (and probably alwaysvwill be) upset that I wasnt first, but I dont let that fact ruin my life anymore.


LMI had a follow- up appointment for her hip dysplasia today. Turns out she is a medical mystery like her mother. The angle of her hip got worse since being paced in the harness. The dr said this highly irregular. Of course. The good news is that the ultrasound showed that her hip isnt able to dislocatevwhen in the harness which is a good thing. So we continue. I acm not sure what the hipnangle percentages mean, but I didnt get the impression that it is serious. Thank goodness.

Here's the skinny on life in the harness:
- Ha.lo makes a sleepsack with a swaddle atached - life saver at the beginning. It was a good way to transition out of the swaddle.
- are leg warmers. Totally cute and super easy to wear over the harness. LMI wears them as tights with dresses on top and you cant tell shes wearing the harness.
- She hates tummy time as it hurts so we need to be extra creative with ways ti help her strengthen her head and neck. Airplane anyone?
- Cleaning the hardest is a huge pain in the butt, it takes forever to dry. Ugh.

Overal the harness is doable, but a total pain. Hopefully she will be out of it soon. Our next check is in three weeks.


Yesterday A and I hosted our annual family Hanukkah party. We had twenty relatives at the house to enjoy latkes, bagels and other treats. It was extra special ths year for obvious reasons. Tomorrow night we light the first candle and I just cant believe that there will finally be three of us around the chanukiah this year. Still is unbelievable to me. To those who celebrate Chag Sameach!



  1. I know...I still can't believe how your last 365 days has panned out. You are a marvel of inner strength and grace! And for tummy time...don't sweat it. LN10 HATES tummy time but he's still very very strong. So try not to stress that she's missing out given the obstacles she faces with tummy time and the harness. Happy Chanukah to you and A!!

  2. Ooh. I never thought of Baby Legs... What a good idea!

    We never had trouble doing tummy time with the harness on, so I can't really help you. I think the airplane idea (on your legs, right?) is a good one--how does she do lying on your chest?

    Good luck with the next check-up!