Monday, January 21, 2013

CCS results

The CCS results are in and they were surprising to say the least. Out of 11 donor egg embryos, we have...4 normal, healthy embryos. WTF?!I really shouldn't be surprised to get disappointing news, I mean it is me after all.

4/11. Wow.

On the positive side, I have four embryos - all graded 4AA. That is something to be excited about even if my dr. isn't. The regroup was a few days ago. I am still trying to process the fact that even though my body has shown that it can get pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term, there is very little hope that it will happen again - even with my healthy, chromosonally normal, donor egg embryos.

I am not sure what the plan is exactly. I am waiting for AF to start the FET and we are trying a natural cycle where we monitor close to ensure ovulation has occurred and then transfer five days later. This is said to be my best protocol and I will trust in that. Before our regroup, A. and I decided that we would transfer one embryo. After speaking with the dr. we are not sure anymore. He did not give me the 80% success rate that DE has. I didn't get the 60% success rate that a CCS normal embryo has. There is little hope. He said that by transferring two embryos it gives a better chance of achieving a singleton pregnancy. My thought it uses up more chances. What would you do?

So that's where things are right now. Purgatory. Waiting. Loosing hope.



  1. I'd transfer two says the girl that's blown thru 5 great embryos. Sounds like we have similiar crappy luck. I'm sorry about the results... I have my fingers crossed for you ��

  2. R--

    A couple things.

    1. Dr Sch tends to be conservative with his estimates

    2. Dr Su always told me transferring two gives no better odds than doing transferring one twice. You just save a trip to Denver.

    To avoid twins, I'd go with one and risk having to do a 2nd transfer.

    Best of luck with your decision.


  3. Sorry that you did not get the number of embryos you were hoping. Was the doctor surprised by the donor's response? Do you have some male factor issues as well?

    Can you look at your clinic's data on single vs two embryo transfers. Some clinics have better stats with two embryo, but many do not. Our clinic actually shows equal rates with both, so we plan to do single embryo the first time.

    Hope you can reach a decision you are confident in!

  4. That is so frustrating. Seriously, I kind of want to kick something after reading that. And why are they so pessimistic about your odds? I feel like I missed something along the way that explains it. So if you've already addressed that, I'm sorry. xoxo

  5. wow, out of curiosity- how did the abnormal embroyos look? were they also of high grade morphologically?

    Best of luck for the next step. I'd do single transfers too, but that is just me. This part should be the patient's call, not the doctors, IMO.

  6. Oh man! You would think you would get a little more with DE, but it just goes to show you you really never can tell unless you test. And try to think of it this way...what if you hadn't tested and transferred one of the bad ones? How heartbreaking that would have been.

    I think you and your DH's first instinct to transfer one at a time is a good way to go. I know how appealing it can be to transfer the two in hopes that you have increased your chance for success but I also do know that a single FET can work! Go with your instincts though.

    Wishing you all the very best!

  7. As a mom of twins through IVF, I say transfer just one. Of course I love my twins, but I have always wished they had come one at a time. The twin pregnancy was very difficult, they were preemies, I had complications, there were hospitalizations for all of us, and then there was just the unbelievable difficulty of dealing with preemie twins at home on your own.

    We weren't given a choice, as we had only 2 embryos survive after they harvested 32 of my eggs. They told us they were transferring both of them, and we were in such shock we didn't even ask if it was possible to freeze one. We were so down and pessimistic about it working, which sounds like how you are right now, that we figured, why not?

    I've since been lucky enough to have a singleton conceived through regular old sex, and that pregnancy was so much easier, the baby was term, and my recovery was a cake walk compared to the twins' pregnancy.

    I'm not saying a twin pregnancy has to be complicated, but it often is. Also, with twin babies, it is difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy any of the time with them or the little things they do, and you will have an older child to deal with at the same time.

    Those are just my two cents, based on my own experience. As I wrote, I certainly understand the fear and desperation that come with feeling like nothing will work, and that drive to transfer two. I just wish I'd been given a choice, though I can't say I would have chosen differently, given my state of mind at the time. I now feel strongly about transferring only one embryo, but would never blame anyone for choosing to transfer two.

    I wish you luck and I sincerely hope this FET is successful!

  8. I'm sorry the news wasn't better, that is frustrating.
    I agree with other commenters about transferring just one...I had psuedo twins and didn't carry them and they still are more exhausting than I ever could have imagined. I adore them BOTH but having them one at a time would have been great too :)

  9. I guess I'm thinking about the fact that all you need is one good embry to make a sibling for LMI. But I can understand your disappointment, especially given the promise of DE. There are no guarantees, are there. I'm sure being back on the IF roller coaster is no day at the beach. I'm sorry it can't be easier for you, R.
    Please let us know when your cycle starts and keep us updated. I would like to keep you in my thoughts especially during that time.

  10. If you have the $$$ to cycle more than once, I am a staunch eSET supporter.

  11. Oh. I think 4 4AA CCS normals is pretty fabulous. I understand that it isn't super great for a young donor. But, 4 4AA - wow, just in abstract, that is pretty nice!

  12. Remorseful what is the news wasn't far better, that is certainly frustrating. To be sure with other commenters regarding shifting just one single...I had psuedo twins and didn't carry them and they also still are more tiring compared to I ever could have got imagined. I love them BOTH nevertheless getting them one-by-one could have been wonderful way too :)
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