Thursday, January 12, 2012

An update

LMI has finally learned to put herself to sleep. It definitely took longer than the books quote, but I think its because she is still getting fed throughout the night and not on a nap routine yet. It was tough. Crazy hard, but the benefits are so worth it. 

She goes to sleep between 7-8 depending  on her last nap and is now falling asleep with minimal to no crying or fussing. Success. Since she is still so small (10lbs9oz at 4.5 months) I am not allowed to cut out or wean her from her night feedings yet. She is typically waking up two times to feed in the night plus a couple of other wakings. She is now able to put herself back to sleep with minimal to no crying an that has been the biggest success for me. 

In terms of her sleeping in my room, I am so ready for her to be in her nursery sleeping in her crib. We are ogoing away (our first family vacation) gat the end of the month and she will be sleeping with us in a pack' n play so I will wait until we get back to move her. I wont lie - it has been really nice having her so close so that when those middle of the night feedings happen I can just lean over. But its time. A and I need our privacy back. I need my TV back. She needs her own space. Its going to happen. 

I have found that documenting her sleep training process is so helpful. Especially since she is still getting fed, I am able to see patterns develop and somewhat predict the night. Its not a perfect science, but still helpful. Looking back from the first night until today I clearly see the leaps and bounds that she has made. I am so glad that I stuck with it. 

I am hoping to get her on some sort of nap routine. Right now she is taking 4-5 naps anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour with the occasional longer nap. She is currently napping in her swing or carseat so Im hoping if i put her down in the bassinet/crib for naps she will sleep longer?  I dont know. Thoughts?

Aside from sorting out our sleep issues the other major thing going on is her hip dysplasia. LMI has been wearing the harness for five weeks. She has not made any progress yet. The ultrasounds show that in the harness the left hip is stable (unable to dislocate), but out of the harness there is NO improvement. I cant tell you how frustrated this makes me. We are going back on the 23rd and if no progress has been made our care will be transferred to the children's hospital and a spica cast may be in our future.   I am terrified of this. Any insight would be so helpful. So for now its a waiting game. We all know how good I am at that. Shit. 

LMI continues to be the bright spot of my day. Her contagious smile warms my heart and with each day I fall more in love. 



  1. Sorry to hear that she's made no progress with the harness. I've got no knowledge of the spica, but I'm thinking of you.

    I can't recall when my daughter finally got into a nap routine, but I remember it seemed to take the longest time. She's always napped better in her night-time set-up rather than a swing etc, so I'd definitely give that a try with LMI.

    If you feel that it's time to move her into her own room, then it's time. Good luck!

    Finally, LMI is gorgeous. What a lovely face.

  2. She is beautiful. I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer in terms of input on your questions, but I am sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way.

  3. Omg she is so cute!
    I am sorry about the hip...I hope it improves soon.

    I did not have my babies at her age but I would guess you should try crib napping...we always have a very specific nap routine with a prenap bottle and then white noise and soft music. They hear the white noise and know it means sleepy time.

    Good luck!

  4. She is truly a miracle! Thanks for the pic! God bless your family!

  5. Congrats on the sleeping! Isn't it wonderful that she can do it by herself now? It really does change everything. And yes, I think you are smart to wait until you return from your trip to start her in the crib in the nursery. But once you do that, you'll be amazed how your life can start to seem almost normal again.

    And I second MTL's comment about the white noise. We use a track on his iP.od (yes, he has his own!) that plays over and over all night. I have the same track on my, so when I am out with him I can put it on in his stroller and he knows it is nap time.

    LMI is beautiful! And she looks like her mama ;-)

  6. Awwww she's gorgeous! Yah for sleep training! My little one is seven months and we are just getting a nap schedule in place (in the crib)! I do find that she is napping longer in the crib at one time. Keep at it it does get much better! As she's so little I wouldn't worry about getting her out of the swing so much, Lola only made the transition at six months. Good luck with the u/s I hope you see improvement!

  7. She is a doll! Just popped over... a friend of a friend... Wanted to just throw my two cents in... regardless of what you do, they are only this young once and whatever you do it will be the right thing for you guys!!! Mine are 3 & 2 and both have different sleep habits, always have... it was all trial and error. Best wishes!!!

  8. Aw, she looks lovely. Glad you're getting the sleep thing sorted out, am dreading that bit!

  9. Lovely, lovely photo.