Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rolling Right Along

Thank you for all the well wishes for Boobie. She is thankfully recovering well from surgery, but emotionally its been really tough on her. Hopefully she will be out of the hospital and in a rehab soon and her mood should improve. 

LMI is turning six months on Thursday. Where has the time gone?  We went for our appointment at the children's hospital and her harness is coming off!  I was so surprised as I was convinced and prepared for the spica cast.  She was examined by xray instead of ultrasound and it showed that although her left hip is still behind the right, the dr believes it will self correct. He told us to take the harness off in three weeks. We have one more week. Why us it that the end is always the hardest stretch?  Seriously. I was in a rhythm with the harness. We were friends. But it seems that since learning its going to come off life in the harness has become unbearable. 

First is the barfing. It gets all over the harness.  Its totally disgusting. Even though we have two it seems that one is always in the wash or air drying so she is often stuck wearing a freshly soiled one. Sigh. I think its much harder on me but who wants to smell puke all day?  

The other issue is rolling. Normally I would be ecstatic that she can roll from her back to tummy, but she cant go the other way. So literally all night long I am running to flip her because shes uncomfortable and crying hysterically. All if the hard Ferber work we did has basically gone out the window. Now at the first moment of crying/fussing we go to her, shove the passy in her mouth and flip her necessary. Otherwise she gets very worked up and continues roll and cry. Its awful. Thankfully she goes to sleep well and sleeps for a solid four hours before the rolling fiasco begins. 

What else is new?  Solids. So far LMI loves her oatmeal and barley cereals. She has one for breakfast and the other for dinner every day. It is so cute watching her open her mouth wide when the spoon comes her way and she is now eating almost four tbsp at a time. She has also started having fruits and vegetables at lunch. So far I have made all the food and it is pretty quick and easy with the help of my microwave steamer and food processor. We started with orange vegetables and they were a hit. So were peas and cauliflower. Bananas on the other hand?  Yuck!  I have never heard of a baby hating bananas, but she does. It took her a few tries to like apples so at least thats one fruit she loves. Next will be pears hoping it will be ok. 

And the most exciting news of all...shes finally in 3-6month clothing!  It couldn't have come at a better time, I was getting so sick of the same five tops.  Change is good and growth is better. 

LMI you continue to make everyday adventurous, exciting and an absolute joy. I love watching you grow, laugh and learn new things. Happy 6 month birthday, mommy loves you!


  1. so glad to read that boobie is recovering well from surgery and that LMI's harness is soon (but not soon enough!!) to come off. Hoping the time between now and then passes quickly - with as little puke as possible!


  2. Hi R - just checking in on's been a while. Glad to see that LMI is almost done with her harness....and 6 monthes! Gosh, where did that time go! Glad to see your boobie did well and is recovering. I read about your special closeness to her in your last blog post. She is a figher, as are you. Glad to see you so happy.

  3. So glad to hear the news about your grandmother and about LMI's harness! When our harness came off, we had no warning, and from what you say, that's better than counting down the days until it comes off. Be prepared for another weird transition as she gets used to life without it (and some more broken nights), and holding her will suddenly feel really weird. But it's *so* great to have it off. I was breaking into random grins for a week afterwards.

  4. Hooray for growth and the harness coming off.

    As far as the nights...can she sleep with a wedge to keep her from rolling over at night? She can practice all she wants during the day but all that interrupted sleep for her and you can't be great. Just a thought, maybe completely off though.

    Neither of our kids like bananas, as baby food or as a solid food. We keep trying but they keep spitting them out.

  5. I was wondering the same thing as MTL...would a couple of wedges work? They are sold as pregancy belly pillows (I had it at sears) and that might keep her from rolling in bed. Love that she's growing and liking her foods!!

  6. Happy 6 months, LMI!! And yay for no more harness! She sounds like my girl was, puking all the time. Thankfully, they do outgrow it, but pee-eww! My girl liked bananas, then hated them, now likes them again. So it could all change!