Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where I'm At

I'm reading blogs and forums - everyday, but I'm not posting and not commenting much (I try to post but I'm having some blogger issues) I don't have a reason for it other than my head is not in the same place as it once was.

I'm still very much an Infertile. So much so that I keep becoming aware as CD1 keeps coming around without an invitation. I still get the jealous/sad/angry feeling every time a big round (or small little bump) comes my way or another "announcement" is told. It still hurts that I am constantly reminded how my ENTIRE family seems to get pg by thinking about having having sex while I...not so much.

But, I do have LMI and that makes it all easier. She brightens my day when in feeling low. She reminds me of why I need to keep trying and fighting to add to our family and why I can't fall apart when AF comes knocking on my door.

I have an appointment with the new local RE on Tuesday and I'm not sure what direction to take. On the one hand, A and I are enjoying the "trying" phase again. It is hard to remember back to that part from TTC1 because even then I knew that it would not be successful. But, as each cycle passes it does get harder and harder and I am very aware that time is not friend. Heck medical intervention may not be my friend. It wasn't in the past.

I'm petrified that LMI was my one and only chance at a pg. nothing worked before and we are clearly not the couple that once you have your body is "fixed". So I'm not sure where that leads me.

I miss IVF. Weird to say and admit but I do. There was/is a part of me that misses the early morning dates with the dildo cam and the monitoring. The numerous injections (not the actual needle, but what it represented) and the procedures themselves and the hope that came along with all 4 IVFs and 2 DE FETs.

I don't miss the FAILURE. I don't miss the extreme heartache, jealousy, self defeat and depression. I don't miss that place that I was in for so so long.

I promised myself that I was done with IVF. That if after six natural cycles I would go back to CO and use my DE embryos. I'm still on board with this plan - except for the natural cycle part. Maybe there is a middle ground? Maybe I should try adding some injections? Maybe some real monitoring? Maybe IUIs? But really, if IVF didn't work on me - will any of this over the counter stuff?

My head is all over the place right now. Not sure what Tuesday will bring or what I may ask for...I guess time will tell.



  1. Aah, my very first IVF is rolling around, and I know what you mean about missing it, because it represent such POSSIBILITY, doesn't it?

    Medicated IUIs seem a good idea. Hope you have a good meet with the RE!

  2. I'm sorry you're in a strange in between phase...but it's so good you have your sweet baby girl to help you through it all! Hope you find a peaceful plan soon.

  3. And here to watch/cheer as you trudge along to find the way to Baby # 2!!