Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finally - Transfer Day

Today is CD29 otherwise known as FET day! Yes you read that right, it took 24 days for me to naturally ovulate. How is that even possible? Because my cycle was so fucking incredibly long - we didn't know if we would make it to a transfer, but here we are.

So far things look good. My hormone levels are where they should be, my lining is a triple patter 6.7 (good for me) and I just found out that our embryo is completely hatched day6 AA. Also we are the ONLY transfer today - that must be a good luck sign?!

Being back on the transfer table feels like I never left. I've had the same acupuncturist 3 times and she even said I looked familiar. We had the same nurses and feel at home with the FET routine. The only difference this time is the number of embryos to transfer. A and I went back and forth on this for the last month. Yesterday we were committed to two, however at the literal last minute we decided to go for the eSET. I could not imagine getting pregnant with twins - hoping the one takes, but with my complications from LMI I wasn't prepared to take the risk. If this cycle doesn't work out we may change our thoughts but I am good with this decision.

Thank you for the continued support and I will be sure to update from my bed while eating tones of pineapple core!

And on another note, I am so over the moon happy for my friend Patience who is FINALLY a mom!!!



  1. Eat walnuts too! And watch lots of comedy.. Some study that was done said that women who laughed had successful cycles more than women who didn't, the study involved clowns coming in to the rooms, LOL! Hey whatever works, right?! Sending positive and sticky vibes your way!!

  2. OMGoodness!
    Congratulations on your FET! How exciting...

    It really sounds as if you made a good decision about the eSET, it is very tempting to transfer 2.

    I will be hoping things work out wonderfully for you this time around. Can't believe you are the only transfer today?!! Must be good luck :)

    And, I know!!! Patience is a MOM!! I am so excited for her, I feel like a chapter of my own life is complete now, lol!

    Take care, keep resting, and please update!
    soulshine from ivfc

  3. Oh, this is exciting, R. Thank you for the update. And wow! I know your lining isn't the type to cooperate so kuddos to both of you on that thick, triple stripe pattern.
    Feet up, dear woman, and enjoy the tv watching and pineapple.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Good luck to you. It's been a long time but I have been very busy with the twins.


  5. Glad to hear that you were able to make it to transfer day, will be hoping and holding my breath for something wonderful to happen. Did in little one, dig in!

  6. Omg! I am so excited that u dd the transfer!! U will b in my prayer for sure!!! Miss u loads n it's been forever!! Btw, my princess Leah is here and se is gorgeous . U r one of the ladies that supported me all the way and kept me motivated.
    Lots of hugs

  7. My fingers are crossed for you that your little embie snuggles in tight. From a fellow Canadian CCRM gal. To give you hope I just did a SET last week at CCRM with 3bb and I got a positive HPT a couple days ago.