Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Ultrasound!

Yesterday my anxiety about the first ultrasound was out.of.control. I was awoken in the middle of the night to severe cramping which of course caused me to freak out. Luckily there was no blood. I knew that it was related to nerves, but it still didn't calm me down.

At 6w5d I was expecting to see a heartbeat. I have been suffering from morning sickness worse than with LMI - I have ha to pull my car over on my drive to work four mornings now. So that symptom was keeping me going and hoping for the best.

The ultrasound clinic does not allow spouses into the exam room until the end and the tech said to A. "If everything is ok, I will call you back". Being in the room alone terrified me. I kept thinking back to the ultrasound in 2010 where there was no fetal pole...

I got on the table and she Immediately started looking around on my belly. There were l-o-n-g periods of silence followed by, "when was your transfer again?" I was literally throwing up in my mouth. And then just like that she found it!

There was a heartbeat! 123bpm and we were able to hear - tears came to my eyes. I was so relieved. The embryo measured 7weeks and so right on track.

I met with the RE after and she decided that I need to be monitored weekly for the first trimester so weekly ultrasounds it is. I'm glad she's taking such a proactive approach.

So for today (and yesterday) I am relieved and hopeful.



  1. Sorry about your scare, but how wonderful! Glad your little embryo is doing well!

  2. Wonderful news!


  3. I can only imagine your terror, but YEAH!! Such GREAT NEWS. A heartbeat!!!

  4. Hooray! Congratulations. :-)

  5. So glad. I was nervous for you too.


  6. Stumbled across your blog from Life and Love... Very similar story to yours---got a GC pregnant with donor eggs but then spontaneously conceived!

    Anyway, WHAT KIND of ultrasound place doesn't let a spouse accompany you for the "Moment of Truth"? I've heard a lot of weird things in the whole fertility arena, but that's a head-scratcher!!

    Good luck on the journey!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
    and seriously, I agree with Transplant, WTF about not having your spouse/partner with you? That seems beyond cruel. So very glad that your news was excellent, and wishing you all the best on your journey!

  8. Such awesome news! Super congrats to you all!

  9. :) Thinking of you!!!

  10. Woo hooo!!
    And I agree with Kate and Transplant, WTF about the ultrasound clinical not allowing your spouse with you?

  11. No milestone like the heartbeat!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
    along with severely, I agree together with Transplant, WTF with regards to lacking your own spouse/partner along with you? Which appears outside of cruel. So very delighted that your media had been outstanding, and hoping you all the best in your journey!

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