Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toddler Sleep Regression?

LMI was Ferberized at 4.5 months and has been putting herself to sleep ever since. She falls asleep for naps and bedtime with little fuss and sleeps pretty soundly until the morning, but all that changed in the last two weeks.

She has been fighting going to sleep. She is now 19months and when I put her to bed she stands in the crib and screams, "mommy". It's awful. She has cried anywhere from 5 min to over an hour. What is up?

I am trying to let her CIO but this is so out of the ordinary for her that I do find myself going in to sit on the floor by her crib and talk to her. I try not to pick her up or run her back, but after 2 hours I don't know what else to do.

The worst of it is at bedtime. She goes to bed around 7:30 with the same routine every night - milk bath books bed. But she is now falling asleep closer to 9 pm! Naps aren't terrible. The crying is only for a few minutes and she continues to sleep from 1-2:30.

I don't know what is going on. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.



  1. Uh oh...I know how heartbreaking that cry is. Perhaps she is teething and could use a little baby Advil?

    We ferberized our son at a year (now 15 months), and he sleeps REALLY well and sleeps through the night (with the occasional cries as he turns over and goes back to sleep) except when he's teething (he's been pushing molars the past few months). Then we usually need to get him up (the cry is different and he won't go back down on his own), comfort/carry/snuggle him, give him some baby Advil (we've found the Tylenol doesn't touch it), let him nosh on some frozen blueberries and drink some milk. He's usually back down in 30-45 minutes after that with some lullabies.

    It's so hard to tell when they might be waking up because they're teething! It was easier to recognize the source of his wake-ups when he was sick (snot running down his face)--those nights he had to sleep on me a few hours propped up to breathe again before going back to his crib.

    But really, in the past 3 months since ferberizing, these incidents I've described have happened 5-6 times. Most of the time he can get himself back down. We also have a pretty solid routine like yours.

    Oh another idea might be to leave her door open a bit, if you don't already? Maybe she would be comforted by the sounds of the house? We've toyed with this (K's door is still closed). Or conversely, maybe white noise would help?

    One website I've found to be helpful is Troublesome Tots, she talks about troubleshooting the Ferber (progressive waiting) method and also talks about sleep regressions.

    Good luck! I so feel ya, darlin!

  2. That stinks. I think it's pretty common around that age...it happened to us too. Although it was waking up to blood curdling screams and then a smiling toddler who had nothing wrong with her but wanting to see mom. We talked to our ped who advised sleep training her again and not responding for up to an hour. It worked and she is back on her normal sleep routine.

    Is LMI still taking two naps? Maybe she needs to drop one. That was a tough transition for our girls. Also agreeing with Jennifer that maybe it's teeth or some other developmental thing happening to through her off. Good luck! I hope she's back on track soon for you :)

  3. I completely agree that it could be teething. Especially if it's a molar it can hurt worse while laying down! Also, around this age is where toddlers start to realize that they don't have to do everything they are supposed to. She certainly doesn't sound "terrible", but a lot of times the terrible twos actually start around 1 1/2! My oldest went through a phase where he would pee his diaper right before it was bedtime just so I'd have to get him up and change him again! Toddlers are young, but they aren't stupid. Your daughter knows what she wants, and sometimes kids go through phases of needing extra attention

  4. We totally acknowledge it may be teething. Particularly if it's actually a molar it can injure worse whilst retiring! Additionally, for this age group is where little ones learn to realize that they don't have to do every thing they are supposed to. She certainly doesn't appear "terrible", but many of periods the horrible couples actually begin around A single 1/2! My oldest went through a new period wherever however urine his diaper prior to it absolutely was sleeping so that I'd personally really need to get him upwards and change him once more! Little ones are youthful, nonetheless they are certainly not stupid. Your current daughter understands exactly what she wants, and often children experience levels of requiring added interest
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