Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big 3-0

My 27th birthday was spent waiting in anxiousnanticipation for my consult with the RE after nine months of unprotected sex. My 28th birthday was spent hopeful that each IUI would bring me closer to a pregnancy. My 29th birthday was spent at the IVF clinic on the operating table for my first IVF retrieval. I remember the RE and nursing staff singing me happy birthday as the pain meds were only starting to kick in AFTER the procedure. I went home that day full of hope because surely, IVF works for everyone on their first try? My 30th birthday was spent in depression. I had just failed my fourth IVF, first one at the world famous, you doesn't get knocked up here, CC.RM, which was also my last ever cycle with my own eggs. As if that wasn't enough, turning thirty then seemed like a death sentence in terms of fertility. My last birthday - 31 was spent recovering from a miscarriage while gearing up for my last FETbegore signing on to use a GC. Last last 4+ years have totally sucked. So much so that I no longer wait for my birthday or wish it so, the numbers get bigger and the pain is still real.

Today marks a new day. I turned 30 weeks pregnant today. It was the first time in a long time where seeing a thirty didn't piss me off, send me over the edge to a depression or cause a hormonally induced anger fit. It felt awesome. This is starting to get real now. A and I are slowly dipping our feet in the we need to get shit before this baby comes pond. We took a first step last week. We walked into a Bab.ies R Us store to have a quick peak. Holy shit. To say that I was a little overwjhelmed would be an understatement. A. was in his dream world happier than a pig in shit to finally be looking at stuff for us, while I was terrified. But we did it. We managed to pick a stroller ( Vis.ta - orange) and have decided that when the time is right, we will start a registry there.

We haven't really done a thing to get our house ready for Little Miss IT. Her nursery will be in A.'s office so we need to clear out his stuff, and get the room fixed nice and pretty. I'm thinking of doing dark purple walls (with a mat/high gloss stripe) and white furniture. I'm planning to accent with yellow. Any paint choice suggestions from Ben.jamin are appreciated! Ats as far as I've gotten. I have NO idea where we are going to buy the crib and dresser from, or get bedding or anything else that she may need. We haven't started investigating carseats or other infant care monitors and if (please no) she came today, we would be completely unprepared.

Over the last few days I have been getting myself accustomed to the idea that I need to step up my involvement. Not just for me, but for A. He is so looking forward to decorating a nursery (not because he gives a shit about decor or paint, but for the other obvious reason) that I need to do this for him, for me and for LMI. Maybe this change is happening because with all the other shit that has happened out of my control, this is the one area where I can be prepared, or maybe because she seems to be waaaaay more a drive than before and it is hard to ignore (not that I want to) or maybe hitting 30 weeks is making this rel as she coming in the next two months and time will move fast. Whatever the reason, I'm getting excited.


On a separate note, I am SO FUCKING THRILLED for LisainSK and her hubby A on the safe arrival of LN10. If you haven't done so already, p,ease go wish them a huge congrats.


I have so much more to say about my GD, but will wait until after my appointment with endo dr, but thanks for all the love and support.



  1. The big 30! Its a huge milestone, and to mark it with a trip to BRU! Good for you for getting there. And not to be a PITA, but girl, you need to get moving on this stuff. :)

    That baby is a-coming, and soon. And it can take time to order/deliver the larger stuff, like a crib, dresser/changing table. Focus on the bigger things first, then worry about the smaller stuff. I love the idea of purple, I did a lighter purple for my girl's room. With white furniture from Land of Nod, which we've been happy with.

    Good luck getting everything together, I hope as you wade into it more it will become fun for you too!

  2. R--

    Like you, I waited until I was in the 30s (weeks) before I started getting stuff. I am so glad you are feeling up to it now. I found the book Baby Bargains very helpful in that it had reviews of tons of brands of various things. We have a grace 32 snug ride carseat and are very happy with it.

  3. Hi,
    Okay - totally agree with you to let A have his fun and be excited.

    But, as for what you really need before her arrival... not much.
    You do need a car seat. I can't remember if you are in Toronto, but if so, go to Moms to be and More at Bayview and Eglinton - they are super fantastic. They will explain everything and make it effortless to choose. You can also register there and the registry people are fantastic!! It takes all the stress out of it!

    You need some newborn diapers, swaddling blankets, also swaddling bags (with velcro) to swaddle for the new parents who aren't good at it yet, a bassenette or co-sleeper, and a few onsies... if they are the long legged ones - get ones with zippers as opposed to snaps because at night when you are exhausted snaps can be very difficult.

    I am so happy that this is working out for you!!
    After IF (which I know a lot about too) it is just so sweet to have good news!

  4. Hooray for the best big 3-0! You really are getting there, and yes, you do need to do some shopping. But what anonymous said is true - you really don't need a lot of stuff. You'll get what you need when you are ready. (Oh, and I don't really recommend onesies for newborns - you should get the little kimono t-shirts, then you don't have to worry about snaps or zippers for diaper changes in the middle of the night.)

  5. Three cheers for the big 3-0! I am not one to give assvice if I can avoid it. When it comes to baby gear, I know a lot. The only thing I will tell you is to NOT GO WITH DELTA CRIBS/DRESSER CHANGE TABLE. I bought a beautiful yet cheaply made set from Toys 'R Us here in Canada and the quality is poor, falls apart and isn't sturdy. I had hoped to pass my son's crib on when he was done with it but it will be going straight into to the dumpster. Stork Craft is okay. Sears has some really nice sets. Good Luck.

  6. Thanks R! Happy Big 3-0 to you!!! NEEEEEEEED to get an Angel Care monitor. Like without question. I don't think A or I could sleep without knowing that LN10's every breathe is being monitored to prevent SIDS. We took it with us in our hospital bag and was worth it as LN10 was in our room 24/7. So please...get an Angel Care Monitor. OH and we love our car seat...Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. Nurse raved about it. Super easy and loved it. Lots of cushioning = happy baby. And buy a head support for the car seat until LMI can safely support her own head...the JJ Cole Collection head support fits great in the same car seat. My nursery furniture is Munire...looks great. OH and your colors...dark purple...with dark brown accents and bright white trim?? I think that'd be awesome. LOVE that you are so excited. Revel in it!

  7. Happy 30 weeks! Sounds like you are well, and feeling like this baby is really going to arrive. Glad to hear that you are shopping for baby things. I'm really glad you, R.

  8. simply amazing!!! beyond thrilled for you...

  9. 30 is so nice and round.

    Breathable bumper pads. That baby wont move close to them for a long, long time but I would still sweat about it. Breathable bumper pads.

    Gender neutral color for paint. For sure. ;)

    Your stroller rocks.