Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After morning rounds yesterday I was discharged. Overal I was extremely happy to be able to go home, breathe fresh air and have some indepence back - but there is a part of me that is scared.

Over the past couple of days I haven't been feeling all that great. My pulse feels like it is pumping so fast (when readings show high 80s - low 90s, not so fast for me), my headache is getting worse and I feel hazy like I'm drugged or something. I was checked out very carefully before leaving the hospital and they told me there was nothing seriously wrong with me or LMI so home we went. Have any of you felt similar symptoms at the end of your pregnancies?

Because I'm not feeling 100%, I'm scared to be alone. I font feel stable on my feet and I'm worried. A picked me up from the hospital, but had to work late last night so I slept at my parents' house because of the fear. He has to leave the house crazy early tomorrow morning for work, so again I'll sleep out (at my sister) because I'm uncomfortable being alone. I hope that after a few days away from the hospital and the extra attention I will be ok again.

The entire time I was in the hospital I was so focused on my appearance. I kept thinking that I was going to meet my Little Miss for the first time with dark roots, hairy legs and sharp toe nails. Not the first impression I want to make. I think I was so obsessed with this because it was out of my control - it was on my to do list, but might not have been checked off. Getting a wax and mani/pedi almost immediately yesterday was the first thing I did. My hair will be early next week. I'm not taking any more chances or playing with time.

For the immediately future I will be monitored closely. I was given specific instructions for when to return to the hospital and will continue with weekly BPP ultrasounds and growth scans every two weeks. If at any point me or LMI are not doing well, then its game time and I will be induced. At this point, I'm 8 days from full term so I'm really hoping we can make it that far.

My plan until she arrives is to rest and take it easy. We have a few more things to finish, but if I do a task a day, it should all work out. I promise to post nursery pics when finished, but it is turning out better than expected!

Thanks again for the support, as always your words comfort me in the tough times.



  1. continuing to think of you and your baby girl. I totally understand your fears of being alone, I would be the same way, hoping that this all passes soon. Rest up and be well sweetie. Take care of yourself.

  2. I don't know what to make of your symptoms to me it's sounds like pre eclampsia, but your being watched closely and staying with family so your doing the right thing and you'd be at the hospital ASAP if need be. Hope the next little bit goes well for you.

    It's funny that you mentioned roots, sharp toe nails and hairy legs. All throughtout my pregnancy I was getting waxed below the belt had had a pedi in my 7th month sometime and I got hightlights 2 days before my water broke. In the end, I greeted my son with a badly chipped pedi, a grown out brazillian and roots! 10 days early, no time for that last wax or pedi and the stupid stylist gave me 1 cm of roots with my hightlights. In the beginning I was too tired to care what I looked like and neither did he. But I would've felt so much better had I had that stuff done.

  3. You crack me up with the mani pedi and the hair stuff! I'm so glad you are home and while I know it is a little scary you can always go back if need be, and hopefully there will be no need, until she's good and ready to get here!

  4. I'm glad that you are able to be out of hospital right now, as you wait for LMI's big entrance into the world. It sounds like it will make you feel better to have time to finish the nursery and get looked after in terms of hair, nails and legs. I'm glad that you have such good support from your family and that you are able to be with them while A is working. It sounds like you need to be surrounded right now. My thoughts are with you, as you prepare for the birth of your daughter.

  5. I was hospitalized at 29 weeks with preterm labor. I spent 7 days there while we all worked to stop the contractions. I left the hospital exhausted and, like you, anxious and a little afraid. That started weeks and weeks of me on bed rest ... and so much anxiety. I was afraid to fall asleep ... I kept thinking I was going to die and not be here for older daughter who was about 1 at the time.

    Long story short ... It turns out that I was already starting to suffer from post partum depression ... a lot of which is simply lack of sleep in new moms ... your body can't process well with out sleep.

    I suffered with it for 2 years before a new doctor ran an extensive blood panel and discovered that my vitamin D levels were very low. I started to take a supplement and within 2 weeks I was much, much, better.

    I'm not a wacky vitamin person and I'm not suggesting this is something you should take ... but it might be worth getting tested.

    Another thing I learned from this doctor is that
    women over 40 have a much higher rate of PPD ... (not sure how old you are).

    I hope you are able to get rest and you are feeling better soon...

  6. Sounds like a good plan - some pampering and total relaxation for as long as it will last. And for the record, I still haven't done anything about my roots for over a year now. I'm obviously just working towards being my natural color again (granted, the two shades aren't really that far off, so it's not so obvious). And I never did get my hair cut until a month ago! LMI is going to love you from the start no matter what!

  7. thinking of you each day, r! what a special time this is for you... keep in close touch with how your body feels and don't feel afraid or hesitate to get checked out for whatever is causing you to worry...
    she will be here soon!

  8. Welcome home! Just relax and do what you need to do for you and the little.

  9. Glad they let you go home, and totally understand the anxiety. One day at a time - you're almost there!

  10. I am glad you are being monitored so closely; that has to be at least slightly reassuring. Hang in there--you are so close! I hope LMI stays put for another week or longer!

  11. I am not close to the end of my pregnancy yet, only 27 weeks, but I feel like my pulse radiates througot my body sometimes. Even when all I am doing is walking or sitting on the couch.

    Good idea on looking beautiful when meeting Little Miss It. I think I will attempt to beautify myself in my last few weeks too.

  12. Whew. And of course I am talking about your getting into top condition for Little Miss. Your personal grooming has a direct impact on the success of breast feeding. Everyone knows this.

    Welcome home. I am so glad to read all is well. Enjoy the homestretch as much as possible.

  13. Take care of yourself lil mamma!! Not much longer!

  14. hi r - long time no post. just dropping in to wish you well as i know the time is near! very excited for you as you are still one of my favorite success stories! take it easy and enjoy as much sleep as possible!

  15. I'm just catching up with you - I'm glad you are home, and glad you are having people around you, just in case. Please take it easy, and get all polished up to meet your little girl. I was the same way, btw. Mani/pedi and wax were my high priorities before her arrival! It won't be too much longer (but not too soon either, ok?).

  16. Glad you are back! Take care of yourself, enjoy the waning days of summer and prepare for your soon to arrive LMI.