Friday, September 23, 2011

One Month

LMI turned one month old today, where did the time go? It has been an amazing journey getting to know her and learning to how to be a mommy. Life is pretty awesome right now, my beautiful daughter is sleeping beside me and my amazing husband is loving parenthood. What could be better?

Last weekend was a party in honour of LMI. Back in 2007 when A and I first started TTC we always thought we would have a small family gathering to introduce the child to the world. Well with our struggles and so many people supporting us along the way, that didnt seem fitting. So, we invited the entire world (ok not exactly but pretty darn close) and celebrated our miracle in style. It was AMAZING. A welcome everyone with the most touching speech. He started off explaining her name and the meaning it and who she was named after. Then the tears came when he read his poem. He started off by saying that he has been writing this poem since learning we were pregnant. Seriously. It was a touching pievpce about our journey and why we feel so blessed - it was comical and sentimental at the same time. There wasnt a dry eye in the room.

I think I was in a bit of a blur during the party. I have dreamed for so long of a moment just like that and it was finally here. It wasso surreal. People ask if i can believe that she is here and my answer is I believe that easier than believing that I was pregnant. Still cant quite wrap my head around that one. People were so incredibly generous, not just in terms of gifts, but more soin their heart felt sincerity of happiness for us. It was really touching.

Other than that my days are spent organizing LMI's stuff as she has acquired a lot since birth and getting her nursery ready for when her furniture will be delivered (hopefully next week). I promise to post pics once its done. I have also come to the realization that bad habits are awesome for right now. She loves the pacifier and is a much better sleeper when she is next to me so we bought a cosleeper. What an amazing invention. Life is pretty great right now.

I know that my exteme happiness may be difficult for some right now because of wher they are in their own IF hell journey and for that I am sorry. It is never my intent to cause someone pain.



  1. i am so so very happy for you and your beautiful family. sending love for little one.
    i sent you a text asking for a pic, but i think you may have gotten a new phone # bc it never delivered. and you know me, i never got around to sending a f/u email. i hope all is well and know that i am thinking of you all the time!

  2. So, so happy for you. This is awesome.

  3. It makes me smile and so very happy to read this. You deserve every wonderful moment of it.

  4. What a lovely, lovely post :)

    'People ask if i can believe that she is here and my answer is I believe that easier than believing that I was pregnant.'
    Yeah, I can understand that :)


  5. That is incredible R! I'm so so glad you have that awesome memory of celebration!

  6. You so deserve all of this happiness and should not feel guilt for expressing it on your blog! I can relate to the surreal feelings and the "did that really just happen?" thoughts about pregnancy! I'm so glad you are so happy!

  7. Isn't the love just overwhelming? Like cry deep sobbing tears of joy happiness? I'm so glad you are getting to experience it! <3

  8. I would have been on that plane in a FLASH. I wish the whole world was invited....

    Who said pacifiers are bad? Dont believe the hype.

  9. I'm so thrilled for you. Sounds like an amazing party and an amazing time in your life. Enjoy every last minute! :)

  10. Don't teachers learn how to spell? Post-pardom? Really? I'm glad your not teaching my kids!