Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LMI's Nursery

The furniture for the nursery finally arrived and we have spent the last few days organizing and putting stuff away. I am so happy with how it has turned out so far, and aside from the finishing touches on the walls, the room is done. I hope LMI loves her nursery and is as happy in it as I was designing it for her.

As promised, here are a few pics:

This is the chandelier (obviously), it's on a dimmer and at night when I rock her in the glider, it shows beautiful prism designs on the wall. Love it!

The furniture is from the Canadian company, Hub.bard's Cup.board. The crib skirt is from my favourite - PBK. I am hoping to put up a wall decal from Hip Chi.cks (the clara) with LMI's name on it, over the crib.

The crystal knobs, just screamed girly girls room. Perfect little touches. We are hanging three 7x7 white frames with pictures from our photo shoot. I can't wait!

My favourite part of her room. I love spending time with LMI in my arms rocking her (in my not so pretty, but totally comfortable glider), reading her my favourite books (Rob.ert Mun.sch, Er.ic Car.le) or singing her some songs. The drapes and lamp are also from PBK. I am planning to put up some book shelves on the walls, and the yellow giraffe from the dresser will be book ends.



  1. Love it!! The chandelier is beautiful. I know LMI will love it too!


  2. Beautiful! I also love the chandelier. And yes, we also have a less-than-adorable but super comfy glider. I looked into those more modern (and super expensive!) ones, but they were not as comfy, which is the most important part. I've had some good glider naps with the J-dog.

  3. Very beautiful. I love imagining you and LMI on the glider. I'm all smiles at the thought.

  4. love it!! very elegant and feminine!

  5. OOOHHH!!! Its such a beautiful room!!

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