Friday, August 3, 2012


My whirlwind trip has come and gone. It was weird being back in that place both physically and emotionally. So much was familiar and the same - the hotel staff, the clinic people, the IF lingo; butnat the same time a lot has changed. I have changed. From a medical perspective, I am still as unexplained as ever. I have not really increased my changes all that much by having had a successful pregnancy.

The ultrasound showed a couple of things: normal blood flow and not much else. As of CD9 there was no dominant follicle seen and a thin lining of 5.5. I wasnt surprised by this. Since my cycles have been about 34/35 days it is early to be seeing things so a follow up ultrasound was recommended for today at home. Today's ultrasound had surpising findings: a lining of 8.8 and a dominant follicle! Holy shit! Im not sure I believe the ultrasound completely, but it is an improvement.

So the plan is to try a natural FET in the new year. It is risky because you need to watch for ovulation carefully and then you have the transfer 5 days later. It makes scheduling a nightmare, but we are hopeful that by mimicing what my bodyndoes naturally I will have better results. In the meantime - we get busy ;)


Being away from LMI and A was not as hard as I imagined. I admit, Im a control freak and asked A to keep me updated on everything she was doing, but knowing she was happy was enough for me to relax a bit. I had a vacation. I got a massage, slept in (oh how nice that sleep was), I finished the Hun.ger Ga.mes trilogy (loved it) and shopped - a lot. It was what I needed before starting work. A day to myself.


LMI started her transition to daycare this week. On Monday we went together for an hour to meet the teacher. She absolutely loved the space. We chose a home daycare that has children 11months - 2.5yrs and is located in our neighbourhood. I was really anxious about sending her on Tuesday alone, but she did great. She went to the teacher with no issue and the only crying was me - in my car. The rest of the week continued to be a success and she really seems to be enjoying herself. So much so that she doesnt want to leave. When Inwent to pick her up after the first day, she looked at me, gave a smile and went right back to reading her books. Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for, but Ill take it. She feels happy there. Shes napping, eating and learning. Both our needs are being met and I couldnt be happier. I know things could change, but it was a really positive first week.

I start back at work on Tuesday. :( i am looking forward to working, but I know this transition will be hard on me. Like everything, I will get through it because I have to. It's a long weekend here, so I pkan to rest up, spend time with the fam and enjoy my last few days as a SAHM.



  1. Good luck with the FET whenever that happens. Meanwhile, enjoy your SAHM weekend. I've got another few months of SAHM-dom, and already the time is feeling more precious to me.

  2. I can only imagine how strange it was to be back in Colorado...
    My sister was in Denver for a vacation recently and was talking about some of the same places we went and just TALKING about it was eerie to me!

    Glad you got a little break, and so glad she is transitioning just fine to her daycare setting.

  3. I love this update!! So much good news to relieved LMI is transitioning so easy. LN10 was easy too and that made all the difference.