Sunday, May 22, 2011

24 Weeks!

Happy viability day to me! Today was all around awesome day. I woke up early to bake Bare.foot Cont.essa double chocolate brownies (holy shit they're good) and then came back to bed to wake up with the sound of Little Miss IT's heartbeat. We had brunch with his family and then saw Th.or (I hated it, A loved it) followed by dinner with my family.

Wow, it was an emotional and exhausting day. I'm a broken record already I know, but how in the he'll did I get here? As each day passes and we get further along, I find myself beginning to feel more connected. It helps a lot knowing that I have an amazing medical team that is working hard to alleviate my anxieties and that both A and I have felt her kick. I think it's kind of creepy, but reassuring none the less.

Work is super busy right now trying to get the students ready for exams and plan for next year, but I continue to enjoy every minute of being there. I continually remind myself how proud I am of myself fir taking the leap and quitting my awful job last year. Overall I am a much happier person.

This post is happy, that's a positive change, I hope it continues. Today I am feeling good. I'm having an emotionally stable day and physically feeling well so I count this as a major milestone for me. Thank you to those who told me I would feel connected in my own way and time, you were right. I still can't say, "I'm pregnant" or anything similar and I have terrible anxiety towards any group prenatal activites, but I'm making small steps.

Sorry I haven't blogged or commented much lately, I have been overwhelmed by work and other non-pg related stuff, but I am still reading. Thank you for continuing to support me, as always it helps me get through the day.



  1. Happy V Day--and now you're making me hungry for brownies in a big big way :)

  2. Small steps are what it's all about. Keep taking your time-there's nothing wrong with that. And congrats on 24 weeks today! My 24-week mark, Lord willing, is this Wednesday, so I'm right behind you!:)

  3. Oh I am so happy for you and that you are feeling better! Please send some of those good feelings as Baby B is still horizontal (probably will stay that way) and not comfortable at all!


  4. viability day is amazing, and im glad you are feeling more at ease with the idea.

    none of this is easy and you are doing so well. i think of you often, friend.

  5. I don't know you and haven't been reading for that long but I am so happy for you! I hope as each week passes, that you feel closer to Little Miss It and that you're emotionally ready when she arrives.

  6. You sound so happy - it's really great to hear.

  7. Congratulations!!!!! Love, Amy

  8. happy viability day!

    i felt a sense of relief once i got to the 24 week mark (even though i know that there's still no guarantees) knowing that if for some reason little peanut's waters broke, that she may have a good chance of survival.

    a dear friend of mine, her sister gave birth at just 24 weeks (after holding on for three days) and her daughter survived. what a fighter she is. she's now three.

    i'm glad you've had a good day and are feeling more positive and connected. i love feeling my little peanut kick because it gives me that reassurance that she's still in, and things are okay.

    it's the little things. and little steps.

  9. I have such a big smile reading that. You deserve a good day, hey - how about many many good days? Happy Viability Day!

  10. Was thinking of you all day...even my heart smiles! Thanks for being such a treasure of a friend as well. You are in the home stretch now!!

  11. Hooray for viability and for feeling more connected! Sounds like a great day overall!!

  12. I'm thrilled for you, R. So glad you are feeling well and feeling more connected to your little girl. This is going to be a busy month for you, and hopefully you will have a nice, relaxing summer.

  13. Congratulations on making it to viability! That is a big milestone.

    I am glad to "hear" you feeling so upbeat and well.

  14. so happy for you to be in this wonderful spot. hoping you sail through the rest of this pregnancy...

  15. Look how cute you are in your new outfit!

    Your blog screams happiness. I cant think of a time I have seen a "!" in your title - I love that is it here to welcome 24 weeks.

    You have had a long ride to get here. I am filled with happiness when I think about where you have landed and where you are headed.