Friday, August 16, 2013

DE Reflections/Freak Outs

It has been forever since my last post. I'm not sure why though. I still check in on this space regularly - and keep reading your blogs and posts daily, but commenting and updating just haven't been happening. I'm sorry for my absence, it's nothing personal, just avoiding I guess.

This pregnancy is flying by. I'm now 28 weeks (how did that happen?) and so far, things are progressing normally! I of course failed the one-hour glucose test, however I did manage to slightly pass the two-hour so as now I am GD free! My blood pressure is also surprising good right now and generally I am feeling pretty good. It is weird to be so normal - but I am not complaining. I am loving it.

I remember the anatomy scan as if it were yesterday. A. and many others were convinced we were having a boy as my morning sickness was out of control and so so different than with LMI. I was still throwing up almost daily until 20/21 weeks. I didn't have a feeling one way or another, but since everyone predicted boy I started thinking of blue amd boys names. So after the measurements were completed and the baby looked healthy the big reveal came..."looks like you'll have two girls". At first I thought he meant that there were two babies in there, but no, just one healthy GIRL. Sisters! We were surprised and shocked and totally excited. And so we've decided to name my baby Hazelnut. It's an ode to my Boobie and makes me smile when I say it.

I am feeling quite anxious and overwhelmed with the DE aspect of this pregnancy. I am obsessed with the fact that our donor is a giant (considering I am so the opposite) and find myself obsessing over the fetal size of this pregnancy. Right now Hazelnut is measuring in the 44%ile and I couldn't be happier, but until last week, she was measuring quite small. We both had a bit of a weight gain this month ;). A. and I feel quite strongly that we do not want the fact that this baby was conceived differently from LMI to be a secret or something shameful - we are proud of our journey and the l-o-n-g and bumpy road that will have brought us to our family of four, but, I can't find the words or the timing or the moment to tell those closest to us. Every time, I think I am ready, it turns out that emotionally something is blocking me. I have spoken at length with SJ and we went over some potential questions that family may ask us once we disclose and A and I have talked at length about what we feel comfortable sharing and what we feel is private and for our child to share when/if she is ready. So, what is stopping us? It is not like we want to hire the Good.year blimp or skywrite the news, but I really want close extended family and friends to know and not have this secret hanging over our heads.

I would really love your thoughts on when and who and how you told about your DE/DS conceptions.

I know that everyone says that once the baby is born, none of this will matter, but right now, it consumes me. I can't stop thinking about what the baby will look like, will she resemble LMI or A.? I know in my head that even when siblings are 100% genetically related they often don't look or act alike, but in my irrational brain I can't stop thinking about it. I think about how I am going to react every time someone tells me that she has my eyes or smile and I try to come up with my response now so that the crazy postpartum hormones don't get the best of me and I snap or fall apart. I think about how LMI and Hazelnut will grow up and I hope that there will be no issues that are different from the normal sibling rivalry stuff. Maybe this is my version of nesting, since I am not planning on re-organizing or cleaning my house.

My head is a mess, which is probably contributing to my lack of reaching out and communicating. I'm over the moon excited about this pregnancy and the idea of adding to our family. I'm so excited to see LMI as a big sister and I know that she will love her little sister to the end of the world. I guess it's just nerves...I can't wait to meet my Hazelnut and tell her how much I love her.