Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm A BIt Of A Porker

I'm petite. Maybe not always in the weight category, but my frame is small. Up until now I have been gaining weight at a normal steady pace averaging a pound a week...until now. I gained 4.4lbs in one week. Holy cow! I don't care about the excessive gain, I actually think its funny. I'm so not one of those people who obsess over what they eat, and how much they workout and so on, but I do try to be healthy. I eat well and am doing my prental videos (although probably not as much as I should). The OB told me that right now the weight is not an issue, but if it happens again next week it could be warning signs for pre-eclampsia. Great.

On the list of my worries, this is at the bottom as I need to prioritize my stress and there are only so many worries I can handle right now. So I'm taking the humour route that I'm a fatty!

In other news, school is almost out for the summer and I am starting to feel anxious about being off work. Its weird, I have wanted and waited for maternity leave for 5 years and now that I am just over a week away, I'm scared. I'm not sure of what exactly, but still scared. Its irrational I know, but I love my job and feel like I'm going to miss it over the next 14 months. I have thought about going back sooner, but not sure if it financially smart. So I'm scared, but crazy excited too.

I wrote my HR department yesterday that I will officially start my maternity leave as of September 1st and I had to keep pinching myself to believe that I was writing this! I'm still crazy reserved about all things pregnancy related but as the weeks move on, I'm getting more in the groove of things.

My one issue right now is whether to take a prenatal class or not. I want a C-Sec for anxiety reasons, but at this point the head is done so not sure how the OB will feel about that (I know there is still time for turning). But, my anxiety over being in that room with all the other pg ladies freaks me out. I can't handle silly pg chatter and I certainly won't do well with labour complications talk. So I'm stuck. We have options and I would love feedback on which path to choose:

1. Suck it up and take the class
2. Do the class privately for more money
3. Avoid the class like the plague and read A LOT

So that's where my head is today. I'm a few days away from T3 and as it happens that will fall on Father's Day (at least something to take away the bitterness and sadness from last year).



  1. I vote 1. Maybe exposing yourself more to other pregnant ladies will gradually reduce the freak-out feelings? And maybe not--hey, what do I know? Congratulations on T3's approach!

  2. Well, you know what they say about anxiety: it keeps on going because of avoidance. So, my vote is the same as Pumpkin's. #1

  3. Hey R...I really hope your weight gain is not PE too! As for Prenatal my class there was really no time for chatter with other couples. If we didn't already know another couple there already we wouldn't have met anyone. I found the class beneficial. And I soooo no what you mean about mat leave. I am one day away from the end and really can't believe it myself. I was even a little misty eyed on the drive home from work today! Its truly surreal!

  4. I think you should consider the class. The conversation is quiet managed - there is a lot of material to cover. It makes a great date night. So much for you guys to discuss "CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW MUCH THAT WOMAN SCREAMED IN THE VIDEO?"


    Sort of.


    I am so pleased this is a choice you get to debate! They would be lucky to have you in class.

  5. Er, quite managed. A couple ice breakers and it is all teacher, all the time.

  6. Privately for more money or read up. If your hubby is anything like mine, he wanted to get out of the class as soon is it was over, then you have no problem. Remember all L&D's progress differently. So be prepared for anything. A lady who had her L&D at the same hospital I did wanted an elective C-section and her dr. agreed to one. She went into labour before her scheduled section and there were emergencies and higher priorities in that time and she had to have a vaginal birth. She was none to happy. As with women who want to avoid a C-section at all costs, they need to be prepared for that reality. I hope you get the birth experience you want.

  7. I can't handle silly pg chatter either, which is what makes me hesitate about taking a childbirth class, too. I could do without it. In many ways, I'd rather remain blissfully ignorant, but I think my husband wants to take it, so we probably will.

  8. Haven't you lost enough to IF?
    Don't you want to give it the finger?
    Go to the classes... they are actually kind of fun! You deserve to start experiencing this pg without being "special". Go, have fun... before you know it, this chapter will be closed... start L•I•V•I•N!


  9. We knew we were going to have a planned c/s as I had a complete placenta previa. We skipped the prenatal classes but I did call the woman who runs the most popular one and asked for a hospital tour that skipped the L&D stuff. She obliged and took us on a quick tour of the operating room and mother baby area with an explanation of what would happen. I have no regrets about skipping the classes.

    They might be useful if you may end up with a vaginal birth, but I don't intend to take them if I'm lucky enough to be looking at a VBAC sometime in the future.

  10. I say skip the class- the one I attended was a total waste. It was so focused on vaginal delivery without pain meds, and I was a scheduled c-section girl who loves pain meds, so it was not very useful. And really, I didn't learn anything that was not covered in a book. So skip it, save your money and your time. The tour of the hospital was nice, but I think you could request that as a separate thing.

  11. I was actually pleasantly surprised by my class, even Hubby thought it was worth it (we took a single day class and planned to ditch at lunch if it sucked but ended up staying). There really wasn't time to chat with others since we had to cram so much into one day so that was great for me because I wanted none of that as well. Mostly couples just stuck together. I actually learned some that wasn't in all the books I read so I would vote to take it. If nothing else it's a good way to get Hubby to learn what he's supposed to do to help you! :)

  12. I gained 50 pounds while pg and I ate pretty healthy up until the last few weeks. Since having the babe I've lost 60+ pounds. Breastfeeding is pretty awesome like that.

    Regarding the baby birthing class: my logic was that humans have been birthing babies for millions of years so why on earth would I need a class to tell me how to do it. Having now given birth, I firmly stand by that assertion. I don't believe that ANYTHING anyone would have told me in a classroom setting would have made one ioat of difference in the heat of the moment when the shiz got crazy. It's biology. Your body does stuff. That's it.