Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am not your stereotypical teacher. I don't love reading. I like it and have found some books that I devoured in a day, "The Kite Runner" for example is at the top of my list as well as some others, but on the whole reading is just not something that I crave...unless it's mindless chick lit (don't make fun). My favorite series would have to be "Shopaholic" - of course. My BFF and I have read each book in a matter of hours and always managed to purchase the newest one immediately after release. So far my favorite is still the original, but there is one book left that I just haven't been able to read, "Shopaholic and Baby".

The release date was 2007, the same year we began TTC and at first I wanted to wait to read it until I was pregnant. But obviously that didn't happen. At the time BFF wasn't married so waiting to read the book didn't seem realistic, but in was pretty sure I would be reading it within a few months. After at least a year I put the book away in a drawer as it was just another reminder of my stupid IF controlling me and not letting me do what I wanted.

This week I found the book. I have glanced at it a few days and even put it on my nightstand, but still haven't felt the urge to read...until right now. Something is definitely happening to me. I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the idea that I am pregnant and will be a mom...soon. It started with the anatomy scan (like you said it would) and finding out the sex and then starting to feel movement. Since my placenta is anterior (at the front) they told me not expect to feel anything for a while, so this is really a surprise. Today marks my halfway point - 20 weeks and to be able to feel Little Miss IT move has brought me to a new level. A place of happiness and excitement about what is ahead.

I know that for the remainder of this pregnancy I be scared and on edge, but I am ready to take the next step. I am finally ready to pick up my book that I have waited so long to read.



  1. It sounds like you're in a really good place..or at least fast approaching. The book is great and I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you liked the others.

  2. That is great to hear. I hope you just love the book!

  3. I am beyond happy to read this post R. You have come soo sooo soooooo long to get to this point. Revel in every exciting moment and when fear kicks you in the butt well nothing you can do about that but it appears you are getting to a safe place in your heart and thats the main thing. Books...I read some but mostly prefer the movies ya know! I especially LOVED the Kite Runner. Ugh I am at a loss as the other book I read last summer by the same author but it was incredibly awesome as well. Have never heard of the Shopaholic series...better get my reading in soon as I am afraid my reading days are coming to an end soon!!

  4. I hope you devour the book in a few hours and that it is nothing but pure pleasure!

  5. I am happy to read that your able to enjoy things that you once did. I love reading anything by Jennifer Weiner. Very much chick lit but you can connect with the characters.