Friday, October 29, 2010


I was in a state of complete and utter shock yesterday. I was not expecting a good outcome, in my head I was hoping for a 5mm lining so this 7mm just blows me away. I didn't ask the sonographer my measurement, she offered the info up as soon as she saw it. I was literally gitty. The nurses were also excastic. It is funny how people get excited at the littlest things when they don't expect much (my local RE actually paraded me around her office when I got my first follicle - seriously). None the less, yesterday was a totally awesome day, made so much better by all of your comments.

Today, I'm a wreck. Not in a will it work kind of way, but in a I'm not prepared kind of way. I am usually the person who has the calendar memorized and meds ordered weeks in advance. Right now, I can't keep it all straight. My head is spinning and I am finding myself scrambling to make sure I have enough meds. After a few frantic calls to my pharmacist, AKA mom I am all set, but now I can't remember what to take and when. I am adding in the antihistamine protocol, but can't remember when to start it. I think its on Sunday, but again, I just don't remember.

The other thing that is weighing heavily on my mind, is if I should disclose my plans to the GC. I have been 100% up front with AL, but haven't mentioned anything to the GC. On the one hand, I want to be open and honest. If I need to go this route, I don't want any tension or secrets. BUT, what if I get pregnant and don't need her? Is it fair for me to string her along? AL says it is up to me and doesn't think I need to tell (A. agrees), but I just don't know. Any thoughts?

The most exciting thing on my mind is meeting LisainSK for real! Over the past months, we have become extremely close and this is just the icing on my cake. I only wish I hadn't told all of you to stay at the Homewood as it is all booked up. It's the Staybridge for me. I have stayed there many times, but I so much prefer the Homewood beds. Oh well. Maybe it is good to have some new karma?

Tomorrow I am going for my p4 check, and assuming it all looks good, I will be set. Thanks again for your continued support, it means the world to me.



  1. i cant tell you excited i am for you and i wish i was going to be there with you guys next week! i would bring you pineapple in bed!

  2. Congrats on the awesome lining and I am so happy that you are surprised in a very good way at last! I think that it's a good thing that you're not getting all caught up in the details and have let some of it go. It's nice to let someone else worry about stuff like that for once isn't it? As for telling your GC about your plans to cycle, I wouldn't say anything for now. Don't worry so much about taking care of her right now - focus on yourself and the rest will take care of itself. You don't owe her any explanations.

  3. Hey R...I's 4:08 AM...been up since 3ish because my brain is FLOODING me with things to take and do before the transfer on Monday. I think our road trip is out on Sunday when we arrive as I think it would be better spent getting this and that (pineapple and lap tray incl) before Monday. As far as the GC, my personal opinion is to take the advice of AL. When you become pg, then think it over again or re-discuss with your AL. That's my for now...I'd spend all your mental energy on YOU!! I'm still bamboozled with your news and its been like 48 hours!! Good luck with your will be like riding a can never forget. Hopefully a cancellation pops up for you to stay at the Homewood. Oh and the monkey pic is too funny!

  4. Hey, maybe not overly focusing on the meds, etc, has changed the karma around too this cycle - who knows? Whatever the reason, I'm just so happy for you, and so glad you get this shot. I don't really have any advice about the GC, other than go with your gut.

    Safe travels!!

  5. R- There aren't words to tell you how excited I am for you. I will be thinking of you as you gear up for the transfer this week. I also had a hard time keeping track of all the meds- I think I took most of the antihistamine protocol in the am, and then the others at night. But then you have to take the antibiotic four times a day, I think. I literally had to set alarms on my phone to keep it all straight. So, you are totally not alone in all of that!

    Thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you!

  6. It's about damn time you got a happy surprise!! I have no doubt you'll get all the med figured out. As for the GC, I agree with the others - focus on you for right now and don't worry about telling her anything until you need to. Sending so much good luck your way!!

  7. Hey R.... I am so excited for you. Wish you all the very best. I wouldn't worry too much abt your GC at this point. You haven't promised her anything and I am sure that the agency has told her abt possible cancellations that could occur due to many reasons.
    Just focus on yourself at this point. And on the meds, even if you get to denver and realize that you didnt bring enough meds, you can just have CCRM call a nearby pharmacy with your order and pick it up from there.

    I am rooting for both you and LisainK. Wish you all the very best.

  8. Your picture is just perfect for this post! I am rooting so hard for you & Lisa.

    I wouldn't tell the GC about your upcoming FET. If you were going to string her along for months, I think the right thing would be to tell her, but it will just be a few weeks.

    Good luck getting everything organized for your trip. Maybe it's a good thing that you're less prepared this time.


  9. I wouldn't tell the GC at this point. So excited for you and Lisa!! So cool you two get to meet:) Wishing you both BFPs!!!

  10. What a great pic! I'm still chuckling!

    Exciting news! I'm so glad that everything is looking great so far. As for telling or not telling, go with your gut. Perhaps if at some point you'll feel pushed to share, for whatever reason. That's when the time will be right for you.

  11. I met several CCRM bloggers and they were all AWESOME peeps. One in particular I still keep in touch with outside the internets. I hope you and Lisa are as lucky!