Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was surprised at my being able to sleep last night. Yes, I woke up a few times throughout the night, but overal, I was pretty relaxed. A. and I met Lisa and her DH for breakfast in the hotel lobby this morning. I was feeling pretty relaxed and in a good place, emotionally.

When we checked in at the clinic, the phelbotologist remembered me. That's never a good sign. She didn't know me by name, but by my veins. We laughed about it and as I walked out, I said, "I hope to not see you again for a really long time". We both laughed. I was taken into the transfer room and prepped for acupuncture. There was a new person doing it that I hadn't met before and to be honest, I didn't care for her. In the past, they have always explained what each point stimulates, but she was silent and some of those points hurt. It wasn't anything too bad, but different from my past experiences.

When it was time for the transfer, we were all set to go. I had my new good luck transfer socks on and my moonstone necklace.

Dr. Sch.oolcraft ended up changing his schedule around and was there for the transfer. I joked with him that he couldn't stand to be away from me. I asked what he thought of my amazing 7mm lining, and he used the word, luschious. Seriously? Me, with a luscious lining? I then asked about my embryos and he told me they were as good as they could be for being Canadian! I guess when you have had as much contact with him as I have had, we are now at the point of jokes. He really lightened up the mood and it made a huge difference.

We ended up transferring two day 5 blasts. One was 100% thawed and reexpanded and the other was 99% and moderately reexpanded. I am happy with this and I think they are the most beautiful embryos in the world.

When he was leaving the room, he said one final thing to me. He told me that if perserverance and determination could affect the outcome, than I was an Olympic Champion. I thought that was nice. I mean, we all know, it doesn't affect the outcome, but it was a really nice way to end my last transfer with my uterus.

Overal, I am feeling really calm and at ease with everything, but of course, that will change as the days go on and the realization of this weigh on my mind. I gave it my best shot and I really hope this will be the beginning of an exciting nine months.

I felt your thoughts and prayers today and really appreciate them. I would be lost without this amazing community.


UPDATED: A. and I brought in PF Changs for dinner. My fortune cookie read, "avenues of good fortune are ahead for you". Oh please come true!


  1. It's so amazing that you made it this far, R. I am so, so thrilled for you. It must be nice to feel more calm about it than perhaps you have in the past.
    It sounds like you've developed such a nice rapport with your MD. Glad he could be there for the transfer.
    And now it's time to think calm, happy, sticky thoughts and to rest. Enjoy the bed rest.
    Indeed, may this be the start of a magical, wonderful nine months.
    Hugs to you.

  2. I'm glad it's done and everything is as good as can be. I'll be thinking about you lots - especially as we're on the same schedule.

  3. I am so thrilled for you! Those embryos look beautiful! So glad that things went smoothly. Thinking nothing but huge positive thoughts for you. Take good care of yourself! :)

  4. A did a bang up job on taking those embryo pics!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! And are soo deserving of a medal. You made a believer in Dr. Sch with your lining. You continue to inspire...

    Snuggle in little buddies for the next 38 weeks within your mama's LUSCIOUS lining!!

    Oh and the socks...classic...they are a beaut!
    Big hugs!

  5. Glad today was so easy and I hope it continues. Funny you got some humor out of Dr. S.


  6. I really have a good feeling about this...your embies are so beautiful! I got chills reading this post. Thoughts and prayers are definitely your way!

  7. Those socks say it all! I'm wearing my Paul Frank Julius socks (and pajama pants!) RIGHT NOW and I'm just knowing that they are full of good luck all for you!!! Rest up!!! Beautiful embryos!

  8. Amazing news. I am sending you so much and happy thoughts right now to you and your 2 little perfect embies. Here to support you during the 2ww.

  9. Congratulations on your transfer! Lots of sticky vibes your way!

  10. i could not be happier for you and your twins!

  11. Those are two gorgeous embryos, R. I just love that Dr. S called your lining "luscious", yippee!! It's so wonderful to see you in such good spirits. I'm praying for you.


  12. Beautiful little ones! Yay you're pupo!

  13. Those are lovely blasts! So glad things went smoothly, and I hope you are bed-resting comfortably now. I sent you lots of good vibes, I hope they help! Stick, little one(s), stick!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! Gorgeous, embies, those. And love the socks. ;)

  15. I didn't know Schooly knew how to crack jokes!

    I got goosebumps when I read your fortune! I am SO cheering for you, hoping this is IT!

  16. Congratulations on a wonderful transfer! Those embies look beautiful, and it sounds like things could not have gone any better. I have such a good feeling for you!

  17. Sending those beautiful embies 'snuggle in' vibes!! I'm crossing everything that your fortune is spot on.

  18. I feel nothing but good, positive feelings for ya'll. As Jess said, I got chills too! Everything has pointed in the right direction this time, I am SO happy for you, in my thoughts and prayers for a postive outcome!!!

  19. Socks cracking me up. Going to get my very own pair tomorrow.

    Beautiful picture indeed.

    It is so great to see you in this mode. What a wonderful thing this is for all three of you.