Friday, November 26, 2010

Making Plans

Today was an exhausting day - especially since I was off work. Every minute I have had different ideas of what to do and what to think. I woke thinking I would go in one direction and by the end of the day, I am leaning in a different one.

First, I am paying the agency fee which entitles me to hold the GC for as long as like without making any decisions. It also makes AL continue to look for alternatives in case I need one. I decided to call NN and clarify the facts. Yes, if the MFM doctor reviews her file, goes over the risks and clears her, we are good to go. The GC still needs to do the initial phone screening before the ODWU and that will happen this coming week. I have also sent in a referral for the MFM doctor and we will hear on Monday how he wants to proceed and the timeline.

I also spoke with the head embryologist at the largest clinic in Canada. She confirmed what Schoolcraft said about vitrified embryos, and I have decided that my embryos need to stay put. Although I believe this clinic to be excellent and with a top notch embryology lab, there are so many different procedures for vitrifying embryos that I am not willing to take the risk. I don't want anyone practicing on my embryos.

On Sunday I have an appointment with a local RE at the clinic to discuss doing a DE IVF there. The price of the cycle is one fourth of that of CCRM so I may just leave those embryos in Denver for now, and pursue a new cycle (still using a GC).

I met with SJ today and she is worried about me. I am trying. I am doing better. Yesterday I was drug free. Its a start I guess. Once I have a plan, I feel better. Even though nothing is official yet, I am making plans. For today, I just thankful that I survived another day.



  1. Wow R!! You got all this done in one day!! I'd say you are doing better than okay! If you need the need them. You have been through absolute torture and its no wonder. I am so glad you have such a caring therapist and I am so glad that you know your limits and where to turn if in trouble. Big hugs R...sounds like alot of headway was made today.

  2. You sound much better and I am glad.


  3. It sounds like you make good use of your day off. I'm glad you are making progress. I know there are so many decisions to be made, and I'm sure you'll figure out what is best.

  4. So much going on. I hope you are able to make choices that feel right for you (although personally I find that there is no way to avoid second guessing in the world of ART where there are no concrete answers).
    Here to hold your hand along the way....

  5. You are in my thoughts R. I admire your ability to move forward and make plans. Sending you strength and good thoughts.

  6. Drug free? Ew.

    I hope you can have a laugh at that? No joking matter, but what else is there to do. Have a laugh at my expense.

    Great progress in research and planning.

  7. I admire your resilient attitude... continuing to think about you and wishing you clarity with decision making.