Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5th Times a Charm

Tonight I had a sentimental moment. It should be noted that the word sentimental would not be in the top ten words that I (or anyone else for the matter) would use to describe myself.

Growing up, I was very involved in summer camp. I went every summer as a camper, and eventually became a staff member. It was at this particular camp, where I met A. So, this camp is extremely special to both of us. My father also worked at this camp (both me and while I was there) as did my sister and other family members. In total, there have been fifteen of us, who have benefitted from this camping experience. The director of the camp will be celebrating sixty years in camping, next February and there will be a party. As a save-the-date email, a committee thought it would be nice/funny to have previous staff members create a video of how this camp and the director have changes their lives. My father, and sister and me created a video for this occasion. We brainstormed for what seemed like hours and went over all the details from the minute details like our costumes to the more important decisions like our script. We were finally happy with our piece, and ready for taping. Tonight, we went to tape our bit. It took us five takes before it was perfect.

This winter will be our fifth IVF attempt and I hope it will be perfect too.


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  1. Very sweet! I hope that this time will be perfect too. Fingers and toes crossed for you.