Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Can't Escape IF...

I am a TV addict and I admit that. It is definitly my guilty pleasure-especially
The Young and the Restless
(don't knock it 'till you watch it). On today's show, a couple found out they are having twins. Now on the one hand I feel happy for them because she has ovarian cancer and had a historectomy at a very young age and they retrieved 2 eggs during her surgery, but seriously, BOTH embryos implanted?! Now I know this is only a television show, but it is showing the world basically how successful IVF is. Yes, she is using a GC, but seriously, 2/2 took? I guess I feel short changed. I am okay with my decision to move on to DE, but at times I am still jealous of those who get to use their genetics. I wonder which I would prefer, using donor eggs or a gestational carrier... One the one hand, with DE you get to experience a pregnancy and birth (if you are successful) and on the other hand you get to keep your genetic connection with your children. Which would you choose? For me, the choice was made for me. I just got some bad luck in the fertility game. I was blessed with rotten eggs from an early age and have to live with that. I think the problem is the media...they inflate IVF and the success rates so much that it gives many people false hope. I admit that I had misplaced hope during my first IVF. I thought that would be the answer. We all know how that turned out. So now I look to DE with excitement and naturally, hesitation. Yes, the odds are in my favour, but it is still not a guarentee. I guess I just have to believe in the system and that miracles do happen. I mean they happen on TV and we all know that TV is real life-especially the soaps, so what I am really worried about? Hopefully for once, TV will prove to be a mirror of my future.


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