Thursday, September 2, 2010


I went to a wedding tonight on 09-02-10. Yes, the date is the very same as the infamous late '90s TV show and it is precisely why the couple chose the date almost two years ago. I will admit, i wasn't looking forward to the wedding. It was a second cousin of mine and we are not particularly close (no ill feelings, just removed) and since I have been working so late for the past few days getting things in order for the new school year, I would have appreciated a quiet night at home.

I will say that I have found the sliver of silver lining of my sister being pregnant...she's my designated driver! Oh yea, A. and I can drink as much as we want and we have a ride home. Open bar at the wedding, here we come. The wedding was much more enjoyable than anticipated. We missed most of the ceremony due to traffic, but the reception was lovely. The bride and groom entered the room to the music from the popular show, 90210, it was very cute. The speeches were meaningful and yet humorous. I think my favorite joke of the night went as follows:

Mother of Groom: I would like to say this Grace that has been in our family for five generations. (Grace is said)

Father of Bride: I don't mean to one up you, but I am pretty sure that my Grace has been in the family for over 5000 years. (Blessing over the challah)

Needless to say, both the Jews and Christians in the room were laughing up a storm. It was really nice.

I learned a lot about my cousin tonight. I learned that she is funny, outgoing and an amateur actress/dancer...who knew? There were so many little touches throughout the night that showcased this. For example, their first dance. They started off with a traditional slow dance until they broke out into a choreographed dance of "Single Ladies", a-ma-zing! Everyone loved it.

As I watched the wedding dance followed by an equally exciting father/daughter dance, I realized that from the outside we are all so different. She has always appeared to me as a quiet, shy girl; but tonight I learned that she is so much more. I wonder what people think of me from the outside? If they only knew...



  1. That's cool! Glad you enjoyed yourself! You have been working too hard all week...I notice your blog posts are quite late at night. Hopefully you'll get some rest this upcoming long weekend. Hugs R.

  2. What a great wedding day - one that the groom will not forget hopefully! Glad you had nice time and bonus to have a designated driver.