Saturday, September 4, 2010


I didn't get my period after all. UGH. I have had cramps in that region for days now, and even got some bloodyish eggy strings when I wipe (sorry for the gross TMI), but the nurse said quite clearly that no, a period needs to be full I am waiting. Still.

A. and I just got back from the spa. O.M.G. it was amazing. We spent around an hour in the different pools (3 different temp hot pools and 3 different temp cold plunge pools), the ecucalyptis wet steam and the sauna. It was heavenly. Then we had one hour massages (registered massages are covered under our health plan so today was free! No IVF coverage though.) followed by another round of relaxation time. We both feel great and are so relaxed.

Tonight our big plan involves opening a bottle of red, making dinner and watching a movie. I can't wait. I told A. yesterday that this weekend needs to last because I am going to be so busy once Tuesday comes around that I won't see him until Christmas!



  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Good for you both. Keep enjoying!

  2. Too bad about AF...for me sometimes a little "romance" brings it on the next day kinda of thing. Hope it works!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy.

  3. your weekend sounded delightful! glad to hear that you were able to unwind and relax.

  4. Put on the white pants, lady--it's not Labor Day yet! :)
    Those massages sound heavenly!

  5. I feel better just reading this. Eucalyptus is so great. So very spa.

  6. Just saw your email - thank you so very much. Preparing thesis of questions for you.... thank you!