Monday, September 27, 2010

To Fly Or Not To Fly...

It took forever for NN to respond to my email, and now I am feeling more torn than before. Is it me, or is the email a bit cryptic in the sense that I can't figure out what to do.

Yes, he said if you are OK with the lining, then he is too. He would
probably recommend waiting but since this is equal to your best, he is
OK doing the transfer. Let's make sure it is still good on Wednesday.
I don't anticipate there will be a problem but want to be absolutely
certain. Let's keep the regroup scheduled and if you don't need to talk
to him, we can cancel it. Easier to cancel than add on...

So I ask you my wise friends, would you book a flight?



  1. Yes, I would book it. You are okay with the lining as is, Dr S is okay if you are okay (per the email) and your lining is likely to only get better than the last measurement. I am reading into the email, but I think the little caveat is only in there because they "ideally" want the lining above 8. But you & Schoolie had the conv in the past that this may be about as good as you are going to get with your lining. JMO.

    Good luck with your decision!!


  2. R., it sounds like it's going to be your decision whether or not to proceed. Based on your conversation with Dr. Schoolcraft in the spring, I don't know why you wouldn't go forward since your lining is thicker than last time & he didn't seem to think a change in protocol would make a difference. I'm praying that your lining will be much thicker on Wednesday so that this is an easy decision to make. C'mon universe, it's time to give R. a freaking break!!


  3. That is such a tough decision. I hope Wednesday's u/s will make up your mind for you!

  4. Book it and you can always postpone it with a note from the doctor. That happened to me a few times. Good luck!


  5. Sounds like you need to go for it. What else are you going to do, R? Sit at home and curse your sub-8mm lining? NO! I don't think you'll do that. Go for it!

  6. Yes, book it. Fingers crossed for Wednesday's report too!

  7. I think you sound ready to go for it. You have the confirmation from Dr. S. It never is where we want it all.

    I wish you a juicy lining by Wednesday.

    We will pull up this post for a laugh when you are pregnant.

  8. I say go for it, but only you can truly know what's best. Good luck!

  9. I would probably do it personally but it's a tough decision and only one you can make since you have to feel comfortable with it. So much luck to you!!

  10. R...sorry catching up on your blog so I'll do a combo comment. I love that A said that you are such a strong person. No doubt this further strengthens his love for you and no matter what happens the two of you will walk through this $hithole together. And WTF is with the regroup appointment? I agree with your logic. If Dr. S. is already given you the greenlight to proceed with a transfer at 6.6 - then book the flights. I would. What would be worse - booking the flights and then cancelling or not booking the flights and then having a decent lining that has improved from 6.6 and not being able to get any flights because it sold out? Cassie suggested on IVFC to get a doc's note to give to the airline company if worst case scenario occurs then you've got the note to hopefully get your $$ back. But you'll get a flight credit minus a penalty. And PTSD? No doubt...I don't know how you do it and likely you don't know either. But there is something sparking you to keep going and I, like A, admire your strength. But I hope that you realize you are not superwoman and please know your limits - mental health is not to be messed with!! Take care dear friend. Ride out this FET for as long as you can. And so glad the sting of grief from the last m/c is starting to subside.

  11. Book it... :) Thinking of you, R!