Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is the only word I can think of to describe how I am right now. I am tired from my first day back at school and from the back and forth happenings with my nurse.


Overally it was a good day, but it sure started out like a scene out of a movie. The kids were hyper to say the least and it took an hour to calm them and get them into the routine of learning. They seem really nice and I think it will be a good year. First days are always tiring no matter how veteran one is. The night before is spent agonizing over every detail, and I find myself tossing and turning throughout the night, and waking up far too early - even before the alarm. Once I got over the initial craziness, the rest of the day went smoothly. It felt great to be back in a middle school setting teaching the students that I really love. But oh am I tired!

Now the nurse.

I am sure I have alluded to the fact that I am less than thrilled with her on a regular basis. She is nice and we have an almost friendship (most people don't spend as much time as me in the donor program), but she doesn't always get me. I sent an email today questioning whether I got my period and asked if it was possible that it has come and gone. Her reply, no it wasn't a period. I then followed up with a suggestion to get tested to see where I am in my cycle, her response was no. I then clarified how I was certain that I experienced a oeriod as I know my body and I have never had a 36+ day cycle, and again her reply was to wait it out. This is just not working for me. I managed to wear her down and let me get checked next week if it is still not here, but I think I may just do it on my own on Friday.

The good news is that today was her last day and I now have a new nurse. I really hope she is more understanding of my frustrations.

Ok, vent over



  1. I hear ya about the beginning of school. Exhausting! And the night before? I'm always a ball of nerves!

    I hope that the real AF shows so you don't have to do any type of testing next week!

  2. So glad to hear your first day back to work was good...exhausting, yes...but routine is SO good for the soul I find. That SUPER sucks about your nurse. I agree...just get a check on Friday. Hope you get "S.K." as your nurse...she's awesome...

  3. I chose to have the GC nurse incase I need to go that route...

  4. Oh those first days are SO hard. I am now on my fourth week and just now feeling back in the "groove" Hope this year is off to a great start!

    As for the nurse... UGH! I am so sorry. I have been fortunate with my nurse. I hope that the new nurse is much more responsive.

  5. ah the exhaustion, one of the few things i dont miss about teaching.

    ugh it doesn't sound like you really got anywhere with your nurse...sorry buddy. i hope your body works itself out soon so we can get the show on the road!!
    thinking of you

  6. I'm so happy you had a good first day! It sounds like you have found a perfect fit for you. I hope that this year will be very rewarding for you both personally and professionally. You richly deserve it!

    I'm so sorry you're stuck in limbo. Perhaps you could ask the new nurse if you can test this week? I can't imagine why you would need to wait to do so. I have my fingers crossed that the new nurse works out better for you.

    Have a fabulous second day!


  7. I remember getting all excited about my first day back in teaching. No alarm needed either.

    Glad you have a new nurse and the other one is gone!!!


  8. I'm happy to hear your first day went so well. Even happier to hear there will be a staff change at your fertility clinic and you won't have to deal with Nurse Panties-in-a-bunch.

  9. Sounds like your kids are going to be great this year, that has to help you look forward to the school year.

    As for the nurse, sorry she's not listening to you. You'd think that she would understand you're not exactly a novice at this.... Glad you'll have a new nurse soon!

  10. I have left practices based on a single nurse. You have no time for this. I am glad you can move to another. Way, way to critical of a role.

  11. Yay, the first day is behind you! Glad you won over the nurse!