Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breaking the Silence: Infertility - Article in SELF

I just read this article from SELF magazine. The article talks about the emotional affects of infertility on couples - especially for woman. It follows one couple who struggle to get pregnant as well as quotes various sources from IF patients to medical personnel. I think the article is extremely well written and really portrays what it is like to be infertile. I know for me, being open about my feelings IRL is not something that I am particularly good at. I am thinking of emailing the article out to family and friends so that they have more of an understanding of what we are going through. I want it to be an eye opener for them, but not necessarily a gateway to further explore my feelings.

I hope you enjoy the read.



  1. Great article! Thanks...

  2. Egg-cellent article! I never realized that someone might even be jealous of all my failed pregnancies.

    What is interesting, is that I posted Keiko's amazing video to my Facebook account (via a friend who posted it before me) and a male friend responded and I had no idea he had problems too. Another girl also has issues and she posted something about it and her friends attacked her. I defended her, but she has evangelical friends that are so not helpful. By the way, there is a way to have only certain friends see the article. I eliminated anyone under 21.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this article and I will pass it on. It doesn't seem to mention those that are getting pregnant and it never works out. This is why I am on Heparin today and they still don't know if that is the answer... I hate being one of those twenty percenters.

    They also don't mention the stress people have even though they have insurance or what states cover infertility, what they cover (some only cover diagnostic tests, some only IUI, some no more than one IVF), and that different centers have different success percentages, as evidenced by the CDC and available on the CDC website. I have lived in several states that do have coverage, but you have to go through leaps and bounds to get it right. Any wrong coding and it gets denied. You can only go to certain pharmacies or else it doesn't get covered. Fertility Labs of Colorado only contracts with United, and so on....

    Long comment, but I love to help people even though I don't blog. So glad I met you...


  3. That's one of the best articles I've read on the subject of infertility. Thanks for sharing, R.

  4. Thank you for sharing this article, R. I hope those reading this article (who are also struggling with infertility) feel empowered to find ways to advocate so awareness spreads. I am work RESOLVE to promote awareness of all family building options, especially embryo donation - which is mentioned in this article. If you know anyone who may be interested in learning more about donor embryos (receiving or donating) - you can direct them here -

    R., I also want to thank you for sharing the experiences that you and A. as they provide support for others.