Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Wait

I have been neglecting taking care of myself. The roots on my head are four inches long and I don't have an appointment for another week and a half and the other hair on my body, needed to be removed a month ago. Sorry, but its true. I decided that since it is beautiful weather and A. and I are going up north with my parents for the weekend, it was a good time to wax certain areas. OMFG does it hurt to get a brazilian when you haven't had a wax in like forever? I wanted to scream. I think a tear rolled out of my eye at one point. It a bitch. My assvice to you all is to not neglect your body even if you are in the slums of a deep depression, it doesn't help you when you finally reemerge into civilization.



  1. I've never done a Brazilian, and I never will. . . way too painful! I can barely tolerate waxing my legs and eyebrows.

    I do agree with you. . . . it's smart on so many levels to continue taking the best care of yourself that you can, even when you are going through hell. But easier said than done, especially when the care-taking costs money.

  2. R., you're a brave lady! I'm too chicken to do a Brazilian. I hope you have a nice weekend with A. & your parents.


  3. Oh no, don't say this. I've been putting off the bikini wax (although not a crazy brazillian like you - ack!) and was gonna go this week. ugh, it's gonna hurt, isn't it?

    And do something about those roots! No one needs that!