Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Prep

Thank you all for the support you have shown me lately. It helps so much to know that there are others who get it (although I wish there weren't so many of us). I am doing better today, but know that Sunday will still be really really tough.

I think I may have mentioned before that I LOVE weddings. I love dress shopping, the details and the excitement surrounding a wedding. I also love being crafty and have started a tradition of making a keepsake for friends and family for their wedding. My sister and I crafted for a few hours today in preparation for Sunday. We made water bottles for the bride and groom so that they would drink in style while sweating it up on the dance floor.

We also made an umbrella with different coloured ribbons attached to be twirled by the bride during the hora. She will stand a chair surrounded by women each holding a ribbon that dance around her.

Its so amazing how doing something creative really takes my mind away from all the other shit going on. At least I am still able to enjoy those moments.



  1. Those are too cute for words! Your cousin (I think?) is so lucky to have you!!

  2. Wow, the outfits on your water bottles are really intricate. Very, very cool idea!


  3. Very, very cool idea! I love it!

  4. awesome idea! and i do hope you enjoy the wedding. i know it will be hard but you, my friend, you are strong and you will hold your beautiful head up high!

  5. Ah, the thrills of crafting! I love it, too. Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind off all the other crap. Plus, you're actually CREATING something here, making you feel accomplished, something our bodies won't let us do very often.

    Thinking of you as Sunday approaches.


  6. cute your water bottles!! I am not crafty at all but would totally appreciate it if someone did this for sweet of you. Hope today's a good day...

  7. Those bottles are so cute! You are so creative...that would have never been something I would have thought up.

    Yes, Sunday will be a hard day for you but what I have learned is that the people who are forced to walk the path of IF are often the strongest people. We have endured so much more and we are changed because of it. Getting through the wedding will be relatively easy given what you have been asked to get through thus far in your IF journey. You can do are strong and somehow you will tap into your inner strength.

    What I like to focus on at weddings is how innocent the newlyweds are...they still believe that if they want to have kids, they will simply have sex and boom, it will happen. I miss that innocence and weddings remind me of how sweet it was to be that way.

    Sending you many hugs today and tomorrow.

  8. The hora event sounds beautiful. I hope you can post a picture of it. I love cultural stuff like that!