Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No More Roots!

I feel like myself again. The hairdresser thought I was exaggerating when I had a consult with her on the phone last week about my hair and the 4" roots. Seriously, it was pretty bad. Luckily today it is fixed. I am back to my old self and feeling pretty great.

My HCG went down to 52.28 so hopefully two more weeks of this shit and then the real fun begins. I was also told that it is possible to get a period before a negative hcg and that yes, I will be allowed to use that period to get my hysteroscopy. This is really good news, because I need to go to Denver to do this before I go back to school.

Pretty boring around here right now, but that is ok. I am glad to not have something major to bitch about for once. I am just trying to enjoy the good moments when they come so I will have something to remind myself of when the bad ones hit (like yesterday when someone congratulated me on my pregnancy and I had to inform them they had the wrong sister :( ).



  1. Major ouch on the wrong sister comment...man that had to be hard. I'm sorry.
    But hooray for feeling good about your hair--it's amazing what a good cut or color can do for your mood eh?

  2. Oh, wow, ouch on the wrong sister comment. :-(

    Good news about your beta dropping. Hopefully AF will show up very soon.

    Yeah for having your hair done. I'm glad you're feeling like your old self again.

  3. Yikes on the sis comment! I bet they felt terrible and even more terrible if they knew what you just went through...

    Awesome to hear you're feeling better

  4. Ah, nothing better than a fresh highlight! Glad you're feeling better and that your hcg continues to drop so you can move on to your FET.

  5. Oh my word! That comment about your sister must have been so awful to hear. Argh! Why can't people just tread more lightly around this topic in general?

    Glad your new hair is giving you a boost in morale. YEAH!

  6. Oh my goodness, how terrible. I hope you are able to get some resolution soon from this long, drawn-out ordeal. I hear ya on the dark roots--I've not highlighted my hair at all in 2009 and have an interesting two-toned thing going on. : )

  7. Oww, that comment must have been so hard to hear!

    Hooray for getting your hair done though, that always helps me feel better!!

  8. So, what did that person say when you told her it was your sister instead? Did you give this person "the look"? So annoying and so sorry you had to be asked that. Glad to see you are doing much better.


  9. It's amazing what a little color can do, isn't it?! That was one of the first things that I did after our BFN.

    Ouch on the sister comment... I don't even know what to say. Big hugs!

    Hope you are able to make it out to Denver before school starts.