Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good and Bad

The good news is that I passed all the tissue and the miscarriage is over with no D&C needed! I couldn't be more relieved. I am still waiting to hear what my HCG level is and it will take 4-6 to get a period, but at least I am moving in the right direction.

The bad news is that my local dr. agreed that after one more try, I should move on to using a GC. This was a huge shock to me. I thought I was being proactive and that it wouldn't be my reality, but as the days pass I realize that it probably will happen. They told me about the agency they deal with and it was one of the ones I had contacted already so that was good at least. I am just really confused right now. I don't even know what my next step should be. I think I need to process this a bit more before making any major decisions.

After leaving the dr.'s office, I was pretty upset and emotional. I decided I needed a pick me up. I bought something that I had my eye on for a long time, an ice cream maker! Yup, you heard me, I am now the owner of a Cus.inart frozen dessert maker. My only decision now, is which flavour to make first!


UPDATE: My beta is dropping and is now at 568. I remember how excited I was when it doubled to 547 and now I am happy that it dropped to just about that...how ironic. Also, I was reviewing the recurrent pregnancy loss blood work that I had done over a year ago to send to CCRM and it says that I am heterozygous for the 677C>T variant in the MTHFR gene. What the hell does that mean?


  1. im sorry. about your good news and your bad news. i wish i could give you a hug.

    in ice cream maker news, did you get the little book that came with? the vanilla ice cream is awesome and i add crushed oreos. so good! you could prob even use light cream for half of what they tell you to use bc the heavy makes it really thick. i look forward to hearing what you made.

  2. R., I'm so relieved that your ultrasound went well. I'm sorry that your local doctor wasn't more encouraging. You're overdue for a break and I so hope that things go better for you next cycle.

    Yeah for buying yourself a new ice cream maker! I've always wanted one of those. Let us know what flavors your try & how you like the machine.


    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It was very much appreciated!

  3. So glad to hear that you got news you needed today! I can only imagine how relieved you are that you won't need the D & C after all you've been through.

    Ice Cream maker... hmmm... might need one of those myself! I have actually looked at them recently. We got one as a wedding present and gave it away since we didn't use it. Now that I am more comfortable in the kitchen, I sure wish I still had it!

    I hear you on the GC front. It was something way in the future, a plan Z so to speak. It was something I considered, but never thought we would need to pursue. I haven't taken the steps you have just yet and am anxious to find out what you learn. I am realistic when it comes to our last shot, and know that we will probably be heading down that path soon.

    Sorry to ramble... thinking of you!

  4. http://www.finecooking.com/articles/cyor/ice-cream.aspx

    This is the link for Fine Cooking's customizable ice cream recipe. Now you have the awesome ice cream machine, you need an awesome recipe to play around with and this one has been a great recipe I have used over and over again. You may never eat commercially made ice cream again (although Marble Slab Creamery at Woodbine & Major MacKenzie makes really high end ice cream like you would make with the machine)!

    I'm glad you passed all of the tissue and no D&C was needed. It's always rough to hear that you may need to consider taking a step further down the road of IF...first you need IVF to get pregnant and now you need to consider going beyond IVF and using a GC. It is something I think you need time to process, just like you didn't jump right into IVF. IT was something you needed to stop and consider and you need time to process this as well.

  5. P.S. One ice cream flavour I made that got rave reviews when I took it to a party I went to was chocolate cinnamon. The cinnamon really gave a warmth to the chocolate but was subtle in its flavouring.

  6. Kayjay- First, I LOVE the Marble Slab, there is one right near my house at Bathurst and Centre...yummy. Second, chocolate cinnamon sounds amazing. I also am dying to make pistachio. Yay for ice cream!!!

  7. Mmmmm, what's better than homemade ice cream? That chocolate cinnamon sounds delicious. I have a recipe for honey vanilla gelato that is fabulous. Of course it is already packed in a box, so I can't send it to you...sorry! Maybe kayjay can share her recipe!

    I would try not to freak out about the doctor mentioning a GC. I think they always tend to think one step ahead and it is their job to let you know your options. But I'm also sure that it would be more than appropriate to try again with your uterus and I think this will be the one. You'll build a great lining and take it from there.

  8. Hey R...good news about NO DNC!!! YAY!! But definitely inquire about the MTHFR variant. I believe MTHFR it's a type of either a blood clotting issue or immune system issue...but try not to freak. Just inquire...

    With you every step of the way...

  9. So glad all the tissue is gone. Regarding MTHFR, you want no mutation detected. Not sure what yours means.


  10. Oh, and about the ice cream. My husband got me pints from Jenis in Ohio and my favorite so far is Salty Caramel. There was also a frozen yogurt with blueberries and Meyer lemons that was excellent too. And a Riesling pear sorbet - so good. Right now we are working on Strawberry. I am pretty sure you can make frozen yogurt and sorbet too.


  11. I'm really glad you don't have to have a D&C. I guess that's something. I know you like to think three steps ahead--I think it's natural--but maybe for now just focus on the upcoming transfer and not get too bogged down in the GC aspect.

  12. I know, I hear you about using a GC. But like we always say, if gets you a baby- whatever. I'm actually happy in a weird sort of way that I'm not the one carrying. And the sense of relief is really wonderful.

    An ice cream maker! You go girl!

  13. I'm so glad you got the all clear from the ultrasound but sorry about the GC news from your local RE!

    As far as the ice cream maker, super jealous! It's so hot here - cool creamy treats sound fantastic!!