Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Sign

I must wear a sign around my neck in big, flashing neon lights that reads: KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN.

I would not classify myself as skinny or over weight, my weight is kept mostly in my abdomen (especially the IVF pounds), but I hide it quite well and really dress to my body type (I don't wear belly enhancing clothing or tight fitting). Or so I thought. I was getting my pre-wedding mani/pani and I was reclining in the massage chair, I guess I was not in a good angle and my dress was a bit clingy around the abdomen region. The esthetician who did my Brazilian a few weeks ago came over to say hi and then pointed to my stomach and said, "oh you're having baby" my reply was "no, I'm just fat". She shut up pretty quickly. To make matters worse, my sister was in the next chair and no one said anything to her.

Tonight I am taking the sign off. Ok universe, do you hear me? No more pregnancy comments of any kind.



  1. Ugh! What is wrong with people?!


  2. Oh man, that is too much. Most people just don't get it. Sorry you've had to go through all that additional crap in the past few days. I hope you have a great time at the wedding regardless, drink yourself happy and have lots of chocolate cake and other caffeine.

  3. Oh, R., I'm sorry you keep getting kicked while you're feeling so down. :-( What is wrong with people?? I'll be thinking about your tomorrow.

    I went to a new nail salon last weekend and the Asian lady first asked me if I had kids (I never used to get asked this question, but lately it keeps coming up). She then said "I'm sorry" to me when she found out I was single, which I thought was a really strange thing to say to someone since I didn't realize being single was something to pity. I think she may have said it because I looked really sad, but that was because she'd been talking non-stop to another customer about her 7 week old baby the whole time.


  4. Where do these people get off? The rule is "if you can't see a baby coming out... don't ask!!".

    My son was born full term 22 months ago, and died shortly after it. I now seem to carry my weight around my middle. I also don't dress in fitting clothes. I have lost count the number of times I have been asked "how much longer", "when are you due" or "congratulated" in some way. In the early days, after Ciaran died, I was destroyed by this. I've learned to accept it a little more now, or harden up I guess. Not the way it should be. It's a cruel comment, and that's all there is to it. People need slapping for lesser crimes!

    Hugs x

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  6. I'm so sorry she was so inconsiderate. People just have no courtesy anymore. I can sympathize on carrying your weight there, I've been the same way for several years....

  7. People are just plain stupid. I am glad you made that comment and hopefully that lady learned a lesson and would not say that to anyone else. You have every right in my book to even tell her that asking that question is inappropriate.


  8. How awful! I really DO look pregnant, even though I've lost five pounds this month and am back below what I was when we did our FET. I feel like wearing a sign that says "Nope, not pregnant, just fat."

    I feel your pain, sister.


  9. You replied just perfectly!!! How rude!!

  10. People are the WORST sometime!!! I'm so, so sorry.

  11. Ugh, people are idiots. Haven't people learned to mind their own business? Geez. I'm sorry, R.

  12. As my dad would say (although he would say it in French because we're from Quebec), that esthetician missed a good opportunity to keep her mouth shut. Sheesh! I'm really sorry about the recent pregnancy comments.

    I hope the wedding went ok yesterday and that you had fun.