Saturday, April 17, 2010


AF arrived this morning. She was one day late. My cycles are unique as they are strangely regular (especially when on medication) even though I don't ovulate naturally. I was sure my period was coming when I had that hell of a headache a few days ago. So, when it didn't arrive, I allowed myself to fantasize (for just a second) that I would be one of the miracles. I would be one of the stories people talk about when they say, "oh just adopt and you'll get pregnant". I. HATE. THOSE. STORIES. But I don't think I'm alone in wanting to be the miracle. I POAS this morning, mostly for fun, I mean really, aren't those miracle people urban legends anyways? Needless to say, only one line and that's when I saw AF.

I am not upset. I laughed at the situation. I am really excited that I will finally be moving forward. I am again finding myself hopefully that some day soon my dream will be my reality.



  1. woo hoo and yay for moving on!

    don't you hate those moments when you think, " could happen"

    i have decided (and only just) that nope, it can't.

    im convinced that all those 'urban legend' pregnancies were just to unexplained infertiles whose bodies werent ready for it, for some reason or another even with IVF.

  2. I've found POAS is a sure way to get AF to come! Yay for moving forward!!

  3. I am with Mel - I think the POAS boxes should come with a tampon.
    yeah for moving forward - are you going to start yur cycle soon?