Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Do You Think?

In today's paper, this article was published. It is about a new agency (or a new service provided) that deals with embryo donation. Currently in Canada, it is illegal to buy or sell human organs - eggs and embryos included. Not sperm though, that is ok. It is very difficult to complete an anonymous donor egg cycle in Ontario (where I am), which is why many patients (like myself) choose to go to clinics outside of the country.

For me, I like the idea of egg donation opposed to embryo donation for these reasons:
1. No genetic connection for either recipient.
2. Usually they are worse quality embryos and therefore success rates will fluctuate.
3. Different screening and psychological process for both donor and recipient.

For many couples, embryo donation is an option. It is a way for them to achieve their goal of starting a family. The agency fee of $13,500 makes this unattainable for many, many families who need this option. I am not sure I understand the high cost involved and this angers me. In egg donation, I understand the cost. I strongly believe that the donor should be compensated as well as the fees surrounding the cycle itself. In embryo donation, the the cycle is completed, the donor couple receives no compensation and aside from legal fees, there should be little cost involved.

I am so frustrated that once again, starting a family comes with a large price tag. I feel so fortunate and lucky that A. and I were able to cycle once with donor eggs, but my heart aches for those who simply cannot afford this option and would choose it. It just isn't fair. I am not sure if this agency will be attainable to many couples either.


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