Monday, April 26, 2010

Lining Check

My day started out quite early, at 6 to be exact. I woke up to put my first Viagra suppository in and then went back to sleep for another half hour. Ah sleep. My sister came to get me just before 7 and we were off to the clinic. When we got there, we approached the waiting room and just as I was thinking that it wasn't so busy, she was thinking the oppositite, what a newbie. I then proceeded to sign up on the two boards, (ultrasound and blood) and take a seat. She asked about the different procedures and then started to make some observations of her own about the patients. It is strange seeing an RE's office through the eyes of a fertile. In the end, it was nice sharing that part of my life with her. Did I mention that she has a basal thermometer by her bed, that has to be a sign that she is not yet pregnant, right?

I asked the sonographer to tell me about my lining, and she did! It was 6mm and tripe stripe. Yay. That is one whole milmeter thicker than when we cancelled last time. I felt good about that. My e2 results also came back at a whopping 2348, I am not sure what level it should be, but the nurse seemed happy so I am too. My next check is in eleven days so until then, I will continue with the medications and the tea and the acupuncture and hopefully it will continue to thicken up.


On another note, I got my license back today!!! Oh how I missed driving.



  1. oh im so glad for the great lining! another blogger (i forget who right now!) likened a good lining to two pieces of peanut butter-ed bread ready to hold on tight to that little embie!

    i can't wait for eleven days to hear more!!


  2. Yay--you are off to a great start! That is a rockin' high E2!

  3. Congrats on the evolving lining. Now STOP thinking about your sister's TTCing and just focus on yourself!

  4. Awesome lining news and REALLY awesome that you're now able to drive again!! Gosh I can't imagine not being able to drive!


  5. Such wonderful news on your lining check, yay! I can't wait to follow along! And, congrats for getting your license back! : )

  6. My clinic is located in a major hospital and the waiting room is shared with many diffrent kinds of patients. I always try to figure out who the IFers are...I'm sure it was quite an experience for your sister.
    Great news about the lining check and YAY for the drivers license!! Keep the good news coming!