Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have a the headache from hell. All day, I have been dealing with the throbbing and nothing can get rid of it. I tried Tylenol, drinking water, acupuncture, head massage and even a menthol like patch on my shoulders. Nothing is working. If you have any headache remedies, I will try just about anything. Please!


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  1. dude, that BLOWS!
    headaches that linger are the worst. my mom swears by a cool shower for a headache. standing right under the spray and letting it pour on your head. you could try to massage the spot in between your thumb and forefinger. that little pocket of skin. when we had a doctor lecture he loosened up a girl in my class' neck that way. not sure if it is muscular but that may help.

    hope you find something that works soon...:o)