Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Picture this. I am driving and minding my own business on my way to my weekly appointment with SJ when I get pulled over by a cop. Ok, I wasn't speeding, but I was talking on my cell phone--however it was on speaker and the phone was on my lap so maybe handsfree? (I live in a cell-free when driving province). I quickly hang up the phone, take out my blue tooth head set and place it where it can be prominently be seen.

Two male police officers come out of their car and surround me. One takes the driver's side, while the other takes the passenger. I am a little freaked at this point. The conversation went something like this:

Police Officer (PO): Can I have your licence and registration?
Me: Sure, it is in the back seat, let me get it for you?
PO: Are you aware that you are driving with a suspended licence?
Me: Pardon?
PO: You cannot drive on a suspended licence?
Me: What do you mean my licence is suspended. Wouldn't I know if I had a suspended licence.
PO: Maam, please wait in the car
(at this point they take my info and google me on their computer).
PO: Yes, it looks like you have an unpaid ticket and your licence is suspended.
Me: That is impossible. I filled to defend this ticket and haven't been informed of the trial date.
PO: I cannot allow you to drive.
Me: WHAT? (now I am getting anxious and upset). Are you telling me that I my licence is suspended? I need to clarify what you are saying, I never received a notice of trial date, I never received a notice of a convinction and I never received notice that my licence is suspended and NOW you are taking away my licence.
PO: Yes.

Needless to say, I didn't make it to see SJ. My sister had to pick up from my stranded location, which was a are you ready, a daycare during pick up time! I have to now take a day off of work, sit in traffic court all day and hopefully they will revoke my suspension as I have all the documentation to prove that I am telling the truth. This sucks. I probably won't get my licence back until Monday or even later. Again, this sucks.


  1. what a mess! im so sorry that happened and now you have me thinking that i better pay my parking ticket ASAP!
    i hope your teeth are feeling better and that all of this gets resolved really soon..


  2. OMG! You have got to be joking. That is insane. Damn, girl, you have been through it all. The karma will be swinging in your direction soon - it has to!

  3. Jeez when it rains it pours doesn't it! But on a side note I really love your blog...I feel that you and I connect very closely on our journeys. Just crossing fingers your FET DE transfer will go as you DESERVE! Take care and thinking of you.

  4. Wow, that totally sucks!! Hope you can get it cleared up ASAP!

  5. just one more thing! hopefully you get it cleared up soon.