Friday, August 13, 2010

Cottage Country

Ask and you shall receive...this is for Lis, who asked what it is like. The short answer is no, the other Lisa and I are nowhere near each other geographically.

First, this is what cottage country means. There are so many different areas in Ontario, and they are all uniquely different. For example, when A. and I went here, we were surrounded by Lake Muskoka. This is an area typically filled with cottages on the lake where boating/water activities and picturesque views are the main attraction. I would not say that it is a four season type of area as there is not much to do in the winter months, however it is beautiful to snow shoe, look outside while sitting next to a roaring fire or just get away from the big city life. My parents have a place in Collingwood, which is part of Southern Georgian Bay. The area is very much a four season destination as aside from the bay, there is downhill skiing and other winter attractions.

Our place is not your typical cottage. It is a townhouse unit in a larger resort-like community. It is amazing actually how much the town has grown in the past ten years. I remember when we first started coming here, it was like a deserted town. There were three restaurants (chains) and very little to do. A large corporation bought out the big ski resort mountain and since, the town has grown. Within a ten minute drive of our place, we can go to the resort to walk around, or eat or ski and feel like we are on a vacation far away. It is really awesome.

When we are here in the summer we really don't do much. We spend a lot of time just relaxing. This could be going for a bike ride or a walk, sitting by the pool or shopping/browsing at the many antique stores (the men usually golf). We eat in a lot and tend to BBQ in the nicer weather. When we do go out, we try and hit "the village" as it is a great place to hang out. There is always something going on there.

So that is it really, a short introduction to cottage country. If you are ever in the area, let me know, I would love to give you the proper tour!


  1. R, how about next weekend - and then say the long weekend in February? Sounds AWESOME!!

    Lis, my family's cabin ("cottages" is a term used mostly by Eastern Canadians I think - we do not have "cottage country"). Our Southern Saskatchewan lakes tend to be flat and then settle into a finger of a valley system. Some have alot of natural trees around them and some lakes...well...all the trees are planted because there are no natural trees...just prairie and sky. But it's a great place where everyone usually gets together on the boats and just boat all day long (wakeboard, tubing, fishing, etc.). My husband plans to learn kiteboarding next year. We frequently hook our boats up together to form a massive flotila and just have a good time. But the lakes are very picturesque in their own prairie charm. But our northern lakes...they look similar to R's terrain...beautiful and a big contrast from the southern half of the province. Anyway Lis, just thought I'd clarify. But parent's resort village is named Collingwood too!!

  2. thank you! i have to come back to this post and follow all your links and see where i end up. it sounds wonderful :)