Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Sweet Denver

I feel like I am home. The airport, streets and sights are all familiar to me. It is almost too easy here. We had an uneventful flight (thank goodness) and then went straight to the outlet mall. My new dream job does not allow me to wear jeans and so I needed to get some new pants. I got three pairs so I am happy with that start. A. had never been to the outlets before, had a good time as well as we were able to be outside enjoying the nice weather while shopping at the same time.

We checked into the hotel and it is nice. Compared to the Stay.bridge and Home.wood, the Inv.erness is a luxury hotel. It is the perfect place to come for a ODWU or a check me over trip. I would not recommend it for a long stay. As nice as it is, the room and being cooped up for a few days, would become crowded very fast. The do have a spa though. We when got to the hotel, A. was exhausted so as he slept, I took the opportunity to treat myself to a massage. The change room is equipped with a steam, showers, etc. and there is an exclusive to spa guests only outdoor hot tub. It was so nice, especially since I was the only person there. Heavenly. The massage was awesome as well, it was expensive but worth it. (Registered massage therapists preform the massage so I am able to claim it on my insurance-yay.)

Then it was the moment I was most anticipating. My face-to-face with my friend Cassie. A. and I picked her up and we went to dinner at the Cheese.cake Fac.tory. We had such a good time just relaxing, chatting and eating super delicious cheesecake. I felt like we were old friends catching up. It felt so natural to just be myself because I had no secrets from her. She, like all of you, know my inner thoughts so it was a liberating experience as no one in my social circle knows about my struggles.

Now, I am exhausted and completely freaked for tomorrow's appointments. I really hope my uterus is all clear and that I am able to finalize a plan to move forward. I am ready.



  1. What a nice evening! Yes, it was just like chatting with an old friend, since we know so much about each other already. And what a yummy dinner - I can't believe I had never been there before.
    Good luck tomorrow - you'll do great!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous! I am glad you both are having a good time! Good luck to all of you!


  3. R., that's so cool that you & Cassie were able to meet up! I'm glad that the two of you had a nice visit. Seriously, you get to claim massages on your insurance??! I clearly need to move to Canada! :-)

    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow & will have everything crossed that your uterus passes with flying colors. What time is your appointment?


    P.S. If you haven't been there, you might want to check out The Grand Lux. It's owned by the same company that owns The Cheesecake Factory. Their big thing is that you order your dessert with your meal & they make it fresh while you eat your main course.

  4. Hoping I can meet all of you one day too!! Good luck tomorrow.

  5. So cool getting to meet up!
    I'm sorry Denver is so familiar--ugh. I hope you do not have make many more trips there AT ALL!

  6. Good luck today, I'll be thinking of you.

    And fun that you and Cassie met up!

  7. So cool that you got to meet up while in Denver. The massage sounds awesome too! Hope the rest of the stay goes as well!

  8. R, my thoughts are with you today. I really hope the day at CCRM is going really well. I can't wait to hear.

    I'm glad you and Cassie were able to meet. What a great evening that sounded like. Happy for both of you!