Sunday, August 15, 2010


This morning I was shocked to see that IVFC is closing down. Yes, its moving to a different domain, but it will not be the same. For over a year now, I have spent many (too many if you ask A.) hours on this site. It was this site that has connected me to most of you.

When I first logged on, I was quite inexperienced about the online world open to us IFers. I joined a few different cycling threads, but I was the one left with the BFN while the others went on.

Then I joined the Dec/Jan thread and everything changed. This is where I met most of you. It is because of you that I have his strength you all tell me I have. I never would have been able to keep fighting and continually pick myself up off the floor after each fall-and there have been many.

It was also what introduced me to the world of blogging. A place where I have gained more than just information and casual acquaintenances, but real friendships that extend past the Internet.

I admit, I shed some tears today. I can't believe how far we have all come. How far I have come. I really hope that our new home will continue to be a safe haven and that we still have that outlet to keep in touch.

I will forever be grateful to have been a part of IVFC.

Our next chapter begins and I hope you follow me over to

Thank you IVFC.



  1. Thanks for the info R. I've been trying to get onto IVFC since April but never could. So I look forward to more connections over at

  2. Yes, I was shocked and sad at first, but now I realize that this means that more people, like LisainSK, can join us over there. I didn't like the fact that registration was closed, because I knew there were people who could benefit from our help who couldn't get access. So hopefully this will be a good thing. And we can still check the boards obsessively every day!

  3. Hi again R,
    Did you see on the new site that she will allow you to use a three-character name after all, and if you have already chosen a new name with more characters and want to change it back, you can just let her know. Thought you might like to know.

  4. Wow. I didn't know that they were closing down. I haven't been on the boards in a while and was surprised to see your post so thank you for letting us bloggies know.

    You are so right about how invaluable it was and how it has created connections for all of us, at a time when we feel the most alone. I too will be forever grateful to IVFC as I too learned a lot about IVF in general and how to cycle smarter and even exploring different options open to us.

    I'm glad that you have found it to be a safe haven and hope that the new home will be the same place for many others.

  5. I'm sad to see IVFC close down too although, like Cassie said, it's great that it will now be open to new registration. Hopefully we'll all be posting good news over the next few months.


  6. OMG - it is closing! I learned so much from all the smart women over there! So now where do we go?