Thursday, August 5, 2010


I finally got a hold of the nurse today. Apparently, she sent the prescription, but I never received it. She sent it again and now I have it. Good, cross one thing off my list. Yay. In terms of the endometrial biopsy, she was no help at all. She basically told me to discuss it with the dr when I see him. Ok, but might that be too late? At this point, I am really trying to just let the chips roll where they may. But this is something that I need to learn to do. I just really hope that the hysteroscopy doesn't find yet another problem. Sigh.



  1. So glad that your nurse got a hold of you...hoping the hysteroscopy will be text book perfect. Take care...

  2. Yay for persistence! Keeping you in my thoughts -- it is so frustrating when things refuse to fall into place and go according to plan.


  3. Glad the nurse finally got back to you. I hope the hysteroscopy goes well for you and finds that all is well in the u-land.
    thinking of you.

  4. Good, glad she finally got back to you. As for it being too late for the EB, if he wants to do it then, he can do it while you are doing the hystero. Same way in, same thing basically. I think what day you are on in your cycle may/may not make a difference as to whether they will do it. Hopefully you can get them both out of the way.