Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ideas Please

I am the programming chair for a local woman's charity and am in need of some awesome ideas from my ladies. This marks my third year int he role and as such I want to expand my portfolio. To date, my big event of the year has been International Women's Day, but I would like to add some small events as well. This is where you come in. If you have ever participated or heard of an amazing event or even think something up yourself that is tailored for women, I want to hear about it. Thanks!



  1. For some reason, from some distant reach of my recollection, the phrase "National Young Women's Day of Action" came to mind. I looked it up, and apparently it actually exists! Check it out here: Don't know whether that could fit the bill, but it's a first thought

  2. Wow R, that is so amazing that you are a part of something so worthwhile!! Hats of to you.

    But one night that a local community near my hometown organizes every year is called "Diamond Night". It's a ladies only event and a local catering group serve and bartend the evening. They usually organize a fashion show or some other type of entertainment that appeals to women only - sometimes a comedian, etc. Then they have a huge raffle that various local businesses contribute too - no junky prizes allowed. These prizes are either raffled off or sold off via silent auction. Then the diamond ring, diamond earings, or bracelet, etc. (not over the top but nice) is raffled off at the end of the night and thus "Diamond Night". Tickets are sold for this event (which is always sold out) and thus the ticket covers the catering, venue and diamond jewelery cost and proceeds of the silent auction or raffle or even from the ticket sales go to a local organization within the community. The local businesses contribute to the prizes as it generates proceeds towards a charity. It's a real hoot for the ladies and is greatly anticipated every year.

    That's one idea...

  3. Just like Meals on Wheels, the ladies can bring fresh produce to elderly people. I go to the farmers market every week and bring back something for an elderly lady that swims with me. She won't take it unless she pays me, but the prices there are so much better and the produce is always fresh. Plus, you can support your local farmers. Do you have a farmers market by you?


  4. i must be a real ass, bc i cant picture exactly what you mean (or it could be the painkillers numbing my brain)
    i always like to idea of collecting nice clothes and prom dresses and such and giving them to those who need them. is that a good one?
    thinking ofyou

  5. These are all great ideas, thanks and keep them coming!

  6. Oh, I love the prom dress idea, or even wedding dresses! The women could come to the event all dressed up in them, and then leave them for donation at the end of the evening or the next day. Adding a raffle to the night would be great too (I like the diamond idea...)

  7. A fantastic event!