Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day. A day dedicated to celebrating women all over the world. Na'amat is a Jewish women's organizing that provides aid and funding to women and children both in Israel and abroad. I have had the privilege of volunteering for this organization for the past five years and have recently taken on the role of Programming Chair for Toronto. For the past two years I have chaired a charity event dedicated to women in honour of International Women's Day.

Tonight was so magical. The night's theme was the journey of women. How appropriate. We had three amazing women speak about their personal life journeys. The only word to describe their stories is WOW. The attendees were engaged and hanging on to each speaker. Looking around the room and seeing so many women from different backgrounds and age groups coming together was beautiful. The event was short. Three speakers and a small dessert reception. Everything went smoothly from the decor to the overall program itself. It was an evening not to be missed.

I was praised for my hard work, which was unnecessary in my opinion, but so humbling. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful women. Tonight was a night that I will not soon forget.


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  1. Wow that sounds awesome! Hooray for pulling that off. And women CAN be amazing :)