Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bowling Anyone?

Two of my all time favourite movies are Grease and Grease 2. In Grease 2, I especially love the bowling scene. It is not often that you see bowling turned into a musical/dance performance and I love it. This afternoon I went bowling with some family and it was such a hoot (did I actually just write hoot?).

I am not a bowler. Growing up I actually despised bowling and we went a lot. I find that I am not strong enough to use the ball one handed and I couldn't really care about improving my score. That has always been my bowling motto, and it hasn't changed. So there I am today, in the grove excited about my overall score of 50 points per game, when my father offered me a friendly wager. He told me he would give me $20 if I scored above 60 on the final game. GAME ON!

Seeing as I really didn't care about the money, I took this last game as an opportunity to 'go big or go home'. I pulled out all the stops. Each time it was my turn I tried a different move from the Grease 2 movie scene. I twirled and spun and threw and rolled the ball, and you what? It was my best game. I even got a strike rolling the ball backwards through my legs! I know, it was awesome if I do say so myself.

The entire time we played the only IF thoughts that appeared in my head were, if I was pregnant I wouldn't be able to play as the ball was over 8 pounds. So there, infertility, you did not win this round today. Bowling was a lot of really silly fun and it felt great.


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