Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 1!

Today is day 1. In fertility terms, the first day of a new cycle. Yes, it's finally here. I was sure my period was coming yesterday, it always comes three days after stopping the birth control pill (its nice to have one normal element), but when I went to the bathroom, it wasn't there. I was disturbed, shaken and uneasy about what was happening. Where was my period? We never want it to come, and when we need it, it is never there. Story of my life.

So what's in a day? In the grand scheme of this cycle, nothing. So this morning I awoke and was instantly happy. I mean really, who gets excited about blood? Those who want to move forward. I was so excited that I emailed my nurse almost instantly (keep in mind it was 5:00 am her time). When she got back to me, the tone of her email sounded excited too and she told me about my next steps. I have next steps! I am on my way. Lupron is decreasing thank goodness and hopefully those awful headaches will subside and I start one Estradot patch (Canadian version of Vivelle) every other day.

I am trying not to get too carried away. I have been in this blissful situation before and it has come crashing down. They do assure me, that that will not be the case this time, but until I reach that milestone of Ms. Perfect actually starting the medication process, I will remain cautiously optimistic. For now, that is enough. After the horrible day/evening of yesterday, it was really great to get some good news today.


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