Monday, February 22, 2010

Heart Stopping Moment

Today I had a stop everything, heart pounding moment and it scared the hell out of me. I leave my blackberry on silent all day, but do not have it in my classroom with me. This way, I am able to see if I have any missed calls or emails on breaks and after school. Lately, I have been feeling pretty confident that this cycle is going to happen, so much so that I allowed myself to book flights, hotel and car and even arrange an appointment with my GP to arrange my sick note for work. All that hope was suck in an instant today. My phone said, "missed call from Dr. Schoolcraft"...what? I wasn't expecting a call today. What could it be? Of course, I naturally assumed the worst and thought that yet again, the donor pulled out. I took a deep breath and checked the voice mail, and thank goodness, my fears were unfounded. They needed to reschedule the time of my pre-embryo transfer regroup. Wow, I guess I overreacted a bit...but I couldn't help it. I'm so scared of the worst happening and this is the place my mind goes to.


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