Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Things Come to an End

This weekend has flown by. It was so wonderful spending time with my grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend and it has proved to be a much needed release for me. Yes, I had daily thoughts about the upcoming cycle, and yes, I needed to be conscious of the time for my shots, but no, I did not let that ruin or define our vacation.

Keeping our infertility a secret from my grandparents has always been difficult for me as my grandmother especially is very perceptive. I can remember very clearly the two times she has asked me the question; the first was right after we got our false positive and the second was the day before our Beta results for IVF 2 (negative). I think she knows something is up, but she has never directly asked that question. Being the coffee addicts that A. and I are, there has been an added pressure to come up with believable reasons for why we are both not drinking coffee, especially in the mornings. Overall, I think we did a good job of keeping up appearances, I just hope the charade can end soon and A. and I can share some happy news.


On a different note, yesterday was absolute torture. A. and I are restricting our caffeine intact and are avoiding anything with caffeine, including chocolate. This is NOT an easy thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Why is that when you can’t have something, it is in your face more than ever?


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