Thursday, February 25, 2010

Infertility on The View

The View dedicated today's show to infertility. Each co host discussed her experience with fertility/infertility and it covered everything from needing IVF to Celiac disease, to ectopics and recurrent miscarriages. It really makes you think about how many lives have been touched with infertility. For such a private issue, there are so many women affected by it.

"Do you have children" is a question that I seem to be asked a lot lately. I never know how to answer it. I struggle between the "no" (which is accompanied by a look that says please don't ask anymore) and the "not yet" and the "I can't so please leave me the fuck alone". I try to vary my response depending on my mood, the person asking and the tone of the question itself. Once I finish answering, I often think if I answered correctly. Am I setting myself up for failure by answering "no" or "I can't"? Am I telling the universe that I don't want children? I sincerely hope not!

The show did a good job in my opinion of discussing the facts about infertility. It had the facts, some real stories and of course some idiotic fluff. If a doctor told me I could get pregnant if I gained wait, don't you think I would be stuffing my face with chocolate, pizza and any other fatting food I could find? So I ask you Guiliana, WTF? If you want something bad enough, you do what you got to do. Other than this issue, the episode was well done and thought provoking.

It got me thinking about the daily struggle infertility is. It is exhausting finding time to make doctor appointments, work, keep the secret and try to have some sort of normal life all the while trying desperately to achieve your greatest dream. As much as I hope and pray and dream about this journey being over, there is only one way I see the end...with a baby in my arms.


I had my first suppression check today and my estrogen came in at 1727, the doctor wants it over 300 so we are definitely on track!


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